View Full Version : online connections?

31st Jul 2002, 13:42
hey this might sound like a weird question....
but I read about a girl who couldn'tgo online anymore cuz' she only had a cellphone a noother phone...
I mean I only have a cellphone but I'm still on.. my internets connection runs in a cable over the tv or somp'in...
To make a long storyshort..
isn't it possible to run your internets connection without a phone in the US?
did this make any sense at all???? :)

Julia and I greets you

31st Jul 2002, 13:53
If I only had a cell phone, I couldn't get online because my cable company doesn't have the ability to get me online. Here in my area, you have to have a regular phone line if you want to get online. Wish I did have that high speed stuff!