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31st Jul 2002, 06:29
Over 10,000 hits and still going..I wanted to thank everyone that has sent in a picture and to those that are sending them in (hint hint). I think it is great to meet all the people I have been chatting with face to face..sorta for the past few years. May we have many more great Thief adventures to talk about in the future.:D

31st Jul 2002, 06:55
I think it's great. I too like to "see" who I am talking with, to, at. It makes this forum a little more homey (although that would be nearly impossible) and a face to go with the name is good.

If you want to tweak it go ahead. I voted no, merely because the other options would make no difference to me.

Keep up the good work.

31st Jul 2002, 11:44
Well as far as I'm concerned...it's just fine the way it is..you've already done quite a bit to improve the access for all us Taffers/Tafferettes with your setup and I don't know what else you have in mind??? but it's your show so do as you will :) I'm just grateful as we all are, that your even doing and keeping it up for us :) So Taff on and Good Hunting!

31st Jul 2002, 12:01
I'm with the other two. You've done a great job on it and it looks fine. We appreciate your efforts for us! :)

31st Jul 2002, 12:23
Argh! Where is this album? I can't find it...

31st Jul 2002, 14:12
TR.....look at Apache's sig!! It says taffer album. Click on the link. Also the link is in the very first post at the Cripple Burrick. The "Draft Thief forum FAQ's, link and archives. :)

OOOHHH I guess I better vote aye??? hhhhmmmmmmm

31st Jul 2002, 15:45
Gee, do I fell dumb. But I cannot envision what it would look like in frames or with a touch of java. So what would it look like?

1st Aug 2002, 00:36
I think whoever's incharge of it should have carte blanche... in other words I think if Apache wants to mess with it and has the time then go for it... if not then let it be:D

You maintain it for the community... we are all appreciative of your efforts and trust your artistic ability... now the real question is...

Is the person who maintains it also responsible for getting other taffers to submit their pics and bios?????? I know YOU messaged me until I did heheheh

Nah I wouldn't put that burden on you Apache... BUT I would love to see more sweet faces and interesting info about other Thief "family" members... come on it only hurts for a second and you won't be sorry you did I promise!!!!!!!


1st Aug 2002, 02:01
Thanks for asking, Apache. I like the album just the way it is. If you feel the need to tinker, by all means go ahead. But do it for you 'cause it already suits me.

Oh, you may wish to change PlaneShifter's name to ChangelingJane just to keep current with the new way things are, but that's my only suggestion.