View Full Version : Janos Heart, is it still beating?

31st Jul 2002, 05:18
Do you think Janos Audrons heart is still beating?

"Look at his black heart, how it still beats!"

Those hearts in the Air Forge were still beating and they must've been old.

31st Jul 2002, 05:22
Nahhhh, i think Janos heart stoped to go eat a biscuit and drink milk, but never come back... :D :p

EDIT: What heart's? i don't recall any there..lol

31st Jul 2002, 13:35
If just after it's been taken out of the body, why not? Normal hearts do so, I've seen it. :D

Azrael, those red/blue/green hearts you're supposed to place in the sacrifices' bodies?

31st Jul 2002, 14:11
Oh that ones, i always thought they were stupid "rocks" with a soul inside...lol

Power reaver
31st Jul 2002, 14:36
I think his heart was steal beating like the hearts in the Air Forge since blood dripped down from it and I think there was a beating sound (I dont remember properly)

31st Jul 2002, 15:15
there was indeed a beating sound.

of course, that could have been my background tracks...

31st Jul 2002, 18:16
Do you think the hearts in the air forge were from guardians or just regular antients?

31st Jul 2002, 18:24
If you look at the picture behind the heart. It looks like an ancient ripping his way out of a normal human with the heart in his hands.


1st Aug 2002, 03:45
I think the heart is still beating.

Like that poem.

Umah Bloodomen
1st Aug 2002, 03:52
I think that Janos' heart beats for awhile after it is torn from his chest, but I would assume that it eventually goes dormant, the longer it is seperated from his body.

I would be inclined to believe if the heart kept beating, then the Sarafan would destroy it (or Moebius would've ordered it destroyed) to prevent it from being reunited with Janos.

At least if it were dormant, there would be no indication of Janos being able to return if/when the heart was reunited with his body and it would serve as a good trophy in the Sarafan Stronghold.

**shrugs** Just a thought. :p

1st Aug 2002, 04:38
If "Janos must stay dead" then I would think in some strange way that Moebius wants Janos to have the heart back. Besides he has a room of trophies in that Museum and he had Voradors head for awhile.

One of the things to do in Sr3 I thought maybe you have to go get Janos heart back. I thought it'd be cool if it was still beatin. All black, not much unlike a biscuit. LOL

1st Aug 2002, 09:40
If your biscuits are all black, then you need to turn down your oven, methinks... :p

I agree, especially from what happened at the very end of SR2; it seems that, despite what we the players heard Kain say, Raziel is going to have "missed" it, and will go get that heart... and then... ;)

1st Aug 2002, 10:04
Not necessarily Moebius, not necessarily Moebius...
What was that about the master of puppets being but a puppet himself?
The Hylden (someone explain me how come, in a world where humans and vampires are lowercase, those people deserve a majuscule?), perhaps?

Heh, if you consider it from the coolness point of view, it probably is beating still. :D

1st Aug 2002, 11:31
For the sake of remaining hip and having something cool to think about... I'll say that his heart stays beating... If I were writing the story I would make it so... it's just kind of creepy thinking about it... imagine yourself with this vampire heart on your shelf that never stops beating... I want one.