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31st Jul 2002, 02:00
Check out this PBS link and click on "Life in a Castle". You learn about life for a medieval guard in a castle, and learn what war was like for them. You can also design a trebuchet and test its effectiveness. All the time we're foiling guards in Thief, and this gives a nice glimpse into the dangers of their world.


31st Jul 2002, 02:19
I watch Nova a lot and really enjoy their programming. In fact, I think I saw this particular doc or at least some of it. Looks like an interesting site and have it bookmarked for futher lurking around :) Ta and Good Hunting!

31st Jul 2002, 03:02
Thanks GMan.:) I enjoyed the article. I also saw the Nova program on trebuchet building when it first came out.

Tin Star
31st Jul 2002, 09:04
I have seen the progam twice and they just had it on again this past weekend.

Tin Star

31st Jul 2002, 12:15
I always chuckle a little when I see a trebuchet. When I was younger, I went through a phase of playing those tabletop battles with little lead miniatures. One day I saved up enough money to treat my little army to it's first tree-butch-et. :D

My friends and I continued to pronouce the word this way for almost two years, until finally I saw a documentry showing how they were made, and realised it is a French word. :o

I don't care, "trebuchet" sounds so dainty and prudy anyway. But a "treebutchet"...Now that's gotta kick a$$ right?! :D

31st Jul 2002, 12:30
Cool, thanks.

31st Jul 2002, 14:07
Very informative but now I will feel sorry for the guards in Thief. I had to get over that in the beginning. LOL!!
I noticed quite a few people taking the guard role in UT. They are tough to beat. Thanks for the read, I enjoyed it.


31st Jul 2002, 17:40
Here's a site I just found: www.trebuchet.com

At the bottom is a "Movies" link with some hilarious footage of tossing 250 lb. rocks and even watermelons (that landed WAY to close for comfort for the videographer).

31st Jul 2002, 17:47
Heh heh, sorry for the double post, but I just found a link for clayman:


Yes, you read that right, they're actually shooting skeet with a trebuchet-launched watermelon.

The res is a little bad on that clip, but the 10 lb. bag of flour is a riot. Man, I feel like a little kid watching all that "Science according to David Letterman" type antics. :D