View Full Version : stuck again

31st Jul 2002, 00:36
damm, stuck again. i have accuiered the stone glyph amd made my way out of that area, what i see is a wall i can scale, but a steal block stops me from getting to the top. how do i get around this, or is there another way???????

31st Jul 2002, 00:55
... are you ready for this? You'll need to go ALL the way back through Nupraptor's retreat (the skull, etc) back up to the cliff across the valley; from there you can use a force projectile to shove the block back into its slot. Having done that, you can either fly across from there, or climb all the way up from the canyon floor (which I think is pretty cool. :D)

Obviously, you need the force projectile before you can do this... :p There is a wedge up there, though, so it's worth the effort.

31st Jul 2002, 13:30
You know....I never managed to get the stone Glyph. By that point in the game, I had already gotten to the last part of the game. I tried to go back and solve the puzzle, and get the wedge...but, I wanted to kill Kain and see what the ending of the game would be.

I guess I have no patience. <sighs>

Though, maybe I will fire it up and get that one last glyph, just to use it at least once, now that I have finished all but that.

Just commenting. Though, that is one aspect of SR1 I liked, you didn't need to complete all of the glyphs to finish the game.