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30th Jul 2002, 23:48
I cheat to do this but I still complete all parts and give the suitcase with the GPS transmitter in it to Ivan then I wait a little while and it says I failes even though I accomplished all objectives:

I put the transmitter on the car then once its at the warehouse I get it off the car and gointo the warehouse and go to the back and kill all the gang members so their bodies are out of the way. I then take the gps transmitter and place it in the suitcase and when Ivan enters it cuts to the scene where he takes the case of money and leaves. I wait one and it says I have failed....

got any ideas? Please reply here and to:


31st Jul 2002, 05:54
My only suspicion is that you're not hiding the bodies well enough, sutherland. Make sure you've got all of them behind the boxes. Make sure you're not scaring Ivan either--check to make sure all your weapons are holstered before handing over the briefcase. Good luck.

31st Jul 2002, 13:04
I've expierenced this glitch too.And what i've noticed is, once he's leaves with transmitter in the briefcase.You have to go into you're inventory and pull out the reciever for it,and watch it as he leaves. Or it will fail.I've tried this with the cheat's both on and off.

22nd Aug 2002, 03:28
I have the same problem... and I've gotten the GPS receiver out, and it showed in the upper left hand corner, and it still failed while saying all objectives were complete, now I did not however change back into my clothes, or anything, I know I'm not scaring him as I have done that on more than one occasion, and he just runs out w/o the cut scene. PS I also did this one w/o killing anyone/thing outside the warehouse, so I know it wasn't them finding a body out there.

24th Aug 2002, 02:33
Sorry,just checking out .