View Full Version : Tomb Raider 4 only in 640*480*16?

30th Jul 2002, 21:45
Since I have a GeForce card, and especially , the DET 4 drivers,
I can't play Tomb Raider 4 Last Revelations in higher resolutions than 640*480*16

If I would like to set a higher one, the software jumps back to the Windows desktop after the loading line reaches the end.

Is there any solution, or I can play only in this low res?

(This is not only my problem, I read about the same error in a lot of forums)

My config:

Asus CUSL 2 C
512 MB RAM
GeForce 3 Asus V8200 28.32 WHQL Driver
MX 300 Vortex 2 Soundcard
P III 1000 MHZ

( I changed only the Videocard
I had a Voodoo 3 3000 , and the game run perfectly)

Thank you,

30th Jul 2002, 22:03
GeForce 3 and you can't play higher than 640x480?

What was the last tr game you played? I had the same pro using GeForce 2 64Mb and I couldn't played trc. I had also installed tr3 (after trc) and there was a mess in graphics library (don't know if I said it correctly).

30th Jul 2002, 22:06
This is the ONLY game which I can't run in higher resolution...

Tomb Raider 2, 3, 5 (Chronicles) are working perfectly

The best thing is, that the Times Level is running in higher resolution, for example in 1024*768*32

Only the Last Revelation can't work
Neither with the original patch.

5th Aug 2002, 02:45
i got the same problem running pentium 3 800 eb 512 m2gs ram
geforce3 ti200 Leadteck game updated to newest patch wont run anything higher than 640X480 16 bit this really is a sad moment..i think its agreat game but i think Eidos should come out with a patch so we also can enjoy playing this game.anyone out there heared if Eidos is going to help us out or they dropped the whole thing...We really need a patch for this game especially when we bought the game that if there was a problem good old Eidos would patch things up so far nothing anyone care to shed some light thnkz for the time mates.