View Full Version : The Tricksters Gem Mine series was great!

Keeper Collins
30th Jul 2002, 15:45
I must say the Tricksters Gem Mine series perrty good. Not as good as Christen's FM's but still it was pretty good. It the longest
FM series I've ever played! Yes,it was long and hard and some parts were a little scary and some times even confusing but I enjoyed it! From "Garttes Revenge"to "Dockland" to "Errand Boy" to "Shoreleave\Up#@*!*Creek" all the way to "Making Tracks". I loved em all!

30th Jul 2002, 15:51
Me, too! They're always on my list of favourites. I can't wait to play the next one. :)

30th Jul 2002, 16:29
The tricksters gem mine is a really great series, I like the missions very much, will the series be continue ? :)

30th Jul 2002, 17:00
BelBoz, has informed us that the next installment is in Alpha testing right now. :)

30th Jul 2002, 17:04
Belboz is hard at work on the next mission. He posted some screenshots a short time ago and they look great! There are screenshots here: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=53098. He posted them here, too, but I couldn't find the thread. :)

30th Jul 2002, 20:50
Thank you for the link Nightwalker, the screenies looks great... :D

11th Nov 2002, 23:53
Yeah...this FM is great...but i've been running around trying to find the twin stars and I can't find the other one!!

I found one in the office of the hammerite but the other one is where?!

Let me know?


12th Nov 2002, 00:01
I sent you an e-mail. :)