View Full Version : Again stuck!! Drat! Fire temple....

30th Jul 2002, 13:57
Ok, what am I doing wrong...maybe I am just tired from playing this game for hours on end... Though, I would really like a chance to do some major reaving!! But, I keep on getting stuck!

So here I am in the temple of Fire...noticing the nice statue or Raziel...and I think that it is definately him. ;) And I can't wait to see the rest of the game so I can peice together everything. But, I can't seem to figure out how to get the torch from one end to the other....what am I to do. I am yet again missing something.

I feel like such a beginner. :(

Oh wise and all knowing elders, please help this lowly fledgling. I will eternally be gratfull.

30th Jul 2002, 16:44
how much of the forge have you completed so far?

30th Jul 2002, 16:48
:D Well, I got water logged or whatever the red stuff is (blood?) a few times and tried to figure out how to get to the tops of the poles or their use, found the Save point and saved the game.

Currently I am stuck at work...so can't do anything more until I get home tonight. So, pretty much I haven't been able to figure it out.

It could have just been after making that long prgress in Janos's keep, that I got too tired to continue...maybe witha fresh start tonight I will do better....

Really, all I need is some good hints.:(


30th Jul 2002, 16:57
is it the first torch?

30th Jul 2002, 17:01
I get the torch....light it...get soaked...and lose the torch....try to get it again...and the same thing happens.


30th Jul 2002, 17:09
When you light the first torch, the wide platforms will begin to rise, as will the "water"line; the platforms will make a stairstep to the next basin, which you need to light on fire. The secret to this forge is basically speed; the entire thing is similar to this first part. Different platforms and columns will change heights as you light various torches and cauldrons; some of these will revert after a time. With the first one, as with all of them, you just have to be quick; don't wait for all the platforms to rise, but just as soon as you light the torch jump on the first one (either side, doesn't matter - I always go right for... personal... reasons ;)) and then keep going as soon as you get there... the rest of the forge is similar. Good luck!

30th Jul 2002, 18:06
My most humble thanks and praise, oh wise one.

<thanks for the tip!>