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30th Jul 2002, 00:05
I really need some help with the "hard to get" statues. I want to get them from Arona mor often, but Im a lousy editor, and the last time I changed Arona's edit files, he stopped showing up. So, can anyone here tell me exactly what I need to do to get the: Uplanter, Robot Heaven and the Planet Side statues. Or, if possible, put a link from which one could download the already edited file. If you will, I'll love you forever :).

So please Help!

30th Jul 2002, 00:38

Look there.

30th Jul 2002, 01:33



That aside....


But honsetly. I don't like cheating at any game. I'd say more except that is pretty much all of my opinion.

30th Jul 2002, 03:35
Tsk Tsk Tsk, flaming is bad. :D

Pinky the Cow
30th Jul 2002, 12:31
Well, i have to welcome you to this forum, since nobody else bother...

Welcome, Mystery88, to StarTopia forum, sector Memauamemomnium Starry.

30th Jul 2002, 21:06
Um... Isn't it Sector Zeta Plural MKII?

30th Jul 2002, 21:48
It is, Pinky the Cow is trying to cause discord in the Startopia Forums.

30th Jul 2002, 23:45
Not a flame. Honestly I was just voicing my opinion! The last time I talked about cheating was my first post and THAT was a flame. I've learned. Kinda...

But the booing was just for dramatic effect.

(I also had just gotten back from my camping trip and I was kinda tired...)