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Keeper Collins
29th Jul 2002, 23:35
So much to ask,so very much ask!;)But were to begin?Well,I'll start by telling you were I am in the level.I've riaded all the biuldings on the surface(killed everyone,stole everything,relased the prisoners,etc.)And I after my metting with "Dr.Indian Jones" I perforemed the ritual he whanted me to perform in the Apex.Now,I still don't have the star of Pertins or what ever it's called,but i got the Star of Dricoass.If the scoll in the libray I found is true then the Star of Pertins is in the Grovy or Grooty Grotto.But how do I get into the Grotty Grtto when I can't even find it!And once I'm there how do I obtian this Star of Pertins?Is the way to the Grotto behind the Miners Village or is that the cavern Dr.Jones siad all the treasure was in?I'm talking about the hole behid the Steel gates in the Miners village.It's at the very back and it has a meatal plate on a pedastool to the side of it.If it's the way to the Grotty Grotto and the 3 cysts then how do I open the cage doors to get to it.And once I get to the Grotty Grotto and the 3 cysts with the artafacts in them how do I get the Star of Pentins?Becuz I already got the Star of Dracisoass so I don't need to get that.If it's not the entrance to the Grotto then were is the other way in and how do I find it?Also If'it's not the way to the Grotto and it's the cavern jones spoke of how do I get The star of Prentis and get in it?

30th Jul 2002, 00:28
Whhhhoooooooo dude! Slow down! ;)
Your looking for the Star of Penticus. I'll give you a little hint. Where there is a station, a platform, a well lit area, to pick up the passengers on the train, find that. Go behind that building.

You will come upon another area, search EVERYWHERE!!! I can't stress this enough. But you also need 2 other things, to perform a ritual to get the Star of Penticus. A lucky head, and a golden skull, and another granite stone head, that you will find once you reach where you need to go.
This is only a hint, if you need more of a nudge, let us know.
This was a fun one to beta test. :D
I also LOVED the spiders, that was kick a55!

The opening behind the steel barred gate, in the miners village is for later. That gate will open when you have finished all the objectives.

30th Jul 2002, 06:17
Keeper Collins,

This is my second request. Kindly do yourself and us a favor by putting spaces between your sentences and checking your spelling. The spaces are the most important. I, for one, will not bother to read stuff like that. It overloads my brain.:)

30th Jul 2002, 20:44
Peter has you on the right track. Find the train station platform and go behind it. You'll see a cave opening and scaffolding but that's too far. The passage is behind something short of that cave entrance.

<small>Yeah, what Peter said. Punctuation, whitespace, and capitalization helps us readers parse your thoughts (but don't write like you think or everything will be one run-on sentence).</small>

1st Aug 2002, 13:07
Aaaah Vangaurd, Peter didn't give any clues. Just pointed out the spelling and punctuation.
You may wanna reread again? :p Yeah, believe it or not, I do actually play the game, and once in a blue moon, or eon or two, whichever comes first, I may sometimes give out decent advice. :rolleyes: :p :)