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29th Jul 2002, 21:40
How can people expect that one of the bosses raziel would be fighting is turel.If you people are talking about sarafan turel he's long gone , but if people are talking bout the vampire turel , how can it be so , if the only two souls who went through the chronoplast time chamber was kain and raziel, if turel went in he would have fall in the stronghold has raziel did , I played both soul reaver games and i don't think turel could be following raziel all the way but if he was how kain didn't noticed, or he just warned him that raziel could kill him , and was hidding turel all along , i guess turel must have waited until raziel and kain went throught the time chamber , set it to another time, or does he found another time streaming chamber and used it.I hope everyone can give his own oppinion about it , oh bye the way , if you know anything new bout what's new in the game post it , and tell more things that you people want new in SR3 .

29th Jul 2002, 22:20
We're talking about Raziel going back to his own era and facing the Turel that escaped him before, don't know why Raziel would go back to that time yet, but I guess we'll see in a year or two :)

Quite a few things I wouldn't mind seeing in that era or even before it, I'd like to see what caused the clans to separate into their own territory and why Kain would allow such a thing