View Full Version : LOL Christine...Ashton's...thought I got English

29th Jul 2002, 20:26
translation...well it was sortof :) Objectives were but Garrett's comments weren't...so it was funny listening to him in German :D Finished it last night and did pretty good...although I had to come to the board a couple of times to get locations of a couple of items. One being the key for Vault. I had searched in the area for whatever...just missed seeing the lever and I was looking the wrong way to see it originally. With that...I made and exceeded my loot take :) $12,450 something like that. Have no idea where the rest of it was hiding as I searched pretty well while going through it...oh well that's OK..so now I've done them all :) Fine set of missions Chris as you have been told but just thought I'd add my well dones again :) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 21:38
Congratulations, Huntress :) I'm glad that you like it. I just don't know why he's talking in german :D is he in the other missions also talking in german? I can't prove this, I have only the german version of Thief II :eek:

29th Jul 2002, 22:26
Yes, I can add to this as well. There were a few comments that were spoken in German for me too. Don't ask what they said. :D
I was interesting to hear him speak in German.
"Garrett, a man of many talents. " Didn't know he could speak German too.
Great set of missions aye Huntress?? Have you played all of them yet? I really liked them. I played all 4 this weekend. :D
Well done indeed.

Keeper Collins
29th Jul 2002, 23:01
I noticted that too.But hey!At least everything else was in English!

30th Jul 2002, 02:28
Yes, I noticed it too. A few of Garrett's comments were in German. The rest of the dialogue, guards, etc., was all in English. I mentioned this in an e-mail.;)

I think it was just that one mission and not any others in the series, as I recall.

30th Jul 2002, 03:06
mission had this little extra contained in it :) The other three were complete translations...and as you can see by this reply BA, I did indeed play all four although a bit out of sequence :D However, they are done in such a way as could be considered a stand-alone...so it didn't matter that I did the first one last...however the other three for story continuance..were best played in order :) Ta and Good Hunting!

30th Jul 2002, 03:32
Huntress, I did thee exact samething. Oh well. :rolleyes: Still enjoyed it just the same.:)

30th Jul 2002, 07:47
Garrett's German comments are included in the archive. They are taken from Thief 2, so you could just overwrite them with the respective English files from SND.CRF.

I think the path is wrong, though. It's just SND\German\Gar1234.WAV instead of SND\Garrett\German\Gar1234.WAV. If it were the other way round you could have just deleted the SND folder. As it is, the game will probably not find the English comments in SND.CRF, since the path there includes the \Garrett\ bit.

30th Jul 2002, 10:50
Thanks, Kyloe :) Now I know the mistake, I have packed the Zip-File wrong and forget to make the folder "Garrett". Deleting the sound files should work, I have only used original sounds from the game. :)

30th Jul 2002, 16:42
Not to worry - the German does not detract from the excellence of the four missions; Escape was marvellous IMHO.

31st Jul 2002, 05:38
Thank you, Higgins. I will fix it, when I make an update... I'm glad that you like it :)

31st Jul 2002, 12:31
You're welcome - I look forward to seeing No. 5.