View Full Version : Will UT work in another drive??

29th Jul 2002, 18:41
My C: is full and I was wondering if I could move UT and whatever to another drive and still be able to play on-line?:confused:

29th Jul 2002, 18:51
where you want it...D:\UnrealTournment is where I have mine as an example...and then it will ask you about putting shortcuts into programs..yes..as that's where you'd click for UT games if you'd like to join us there sometimes as well :) As you know, Thievery will put it's own links for launcher into programs, which you must use to play it :) So then you'd install Thievery where ever you put UT to install it there :) It needs to go where you have UT installed in other words. See my other post to you on your other thread for some additional info to try and help as well :) Good Luck and Good Hunting! :)

29th Jul 2002, 19:00
Thanks Huntress!!!!:D :D

29th Jul 2002, 19:17
Get all this stuff.


Load full version of UT the GAME OF THE YEAR.
DL Thievery from above and the 4.36 patch if not on the UT disc.
DL the 1.1 patch from above.

Install UT
Patch to 4.36
Execute THIEVERY into UT folder
Execute THIEVERY 1.1 patch

When you start the game start from the START/PROGRAM menu. WAIT it takes a long time to load.
You will see the Thievery Logo and then BLACK for a long time. YOU DO NOT NEED THE DISC IN THE CD TO RUN UT or Thievery.

After the credits (first run at least) hit ESC to get to UT screen.
After the first time just hit ESC as soon as the sound starts. WAIT.

When in a game and the mission is over hit the FIRE button to start next run. DO NOT HIT ESC when the screen comes up and says (F10 to cancel) at the top and Hit ESC to continue at the bottom. Just wait it out.

You install UT in any HDD you want and just make sure the Thievery Install goes to the UT FOLDER where-ever it may be.

PS. Almost any game will work in any HDD. When the install program is running it usually will allow you to select another location than C:\ xyz. So if your C drive is getting loaded, and you don't want to remove stuff.

Send all your new installs to another partition. I keep all my thief stuff in one, my dromed in another and my Games on a third.

The only thing on C is my main system and misc work programs and tweakers.

30th Jul 2002, 03:53
Thanks to you too theBlackman. I will give it a try this week. I have been moving things around now that I have an additional hard drive. Seems me and the computer are both out of room. LOL!!!:D

30th Jul 2002, 08:25
Just a FYI, for those of you who may not be aware... TTLG is the home of the Thievery UT Discussion Forums (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=93) where the oh-so-talented (and terribly cute) group of guys: Dalai, oRGy, Thwark et al... who created Thievery hang out and can be found to answer your questions (and blush adorably when you praise them too :))

2nd Aug 2002, 01:18
See theBlackman's response in particular...Good Hunting! :)