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29th Jul 2002, 17:18
Just wondering how you felt about it.

29th Jul 2002, 17:32
I never thought she was dead.

Have so many people here never heard of "cliff-hangers"?


29th Jul 2002, 19:16
I totally agree. I never thought she was dead.

29th Jul 2002, 21:02
SHE'S DEAD ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30th Jul 2002, 09:55
I thought the end of Rev was crap. How dumb man. It's what I call a clayton's ending. Like a clayton's wine it's a ending when you don't have an ending.

30th Jul 2002, 11:22
An ending that keeps you gueesing as to what could possibly happen next...and makes you want to see the next game/episode/series/sequel.

IMHO TR4 had the best ending of all the TR games...at least it did something rather than just petering out - like one of those farts you think is gonna be a real rip-snorter but ends up coming out like a mouse squeak.

30th Jul 2002, 13:32
i didnt like it cos i thought it was the end of TR but as soon as i knew it wasnt i loved it cos it was such a great cliffhanger :)

30th Jul 2002, 18:52
i think it is so sad how von croy goes giv me your hand lara i canpull u 2 safty the he walk off with out loooking back until he stops and then goes all strange

31st Jul 2002, 03:08
Well let's see...
Nobody actually said she was dead.
She is "presumed" dead. MIA is closer to the point.
She has battled a man who turns into a dragon and a man who turns into a spider.
She's fought mummies, Atlantean mutants of all shapes and sizes,
six armed stone statues, dinosaurs, giant scorpions, Yetis, demons,
and floating Samuri guys who throw energy bolts.
She's been inside a UFO. She can fit rocket launchers, rifles, pistols, uzis,
ammo for all those, and artifacts of all kinds in her back pkack SIMULTANIOUSLY.
She can pick up a relatively giant key or swipe card
and have it be small when she uses it.
What's so farfetched about her dying and coming back?

31st Jul 2002, 05:17
My question was and still is:
We saw Lara in tr4 to burry under the big rocks of pyramid (after all this try in tr4 and the conclusion was that???!!!??? :eek: )

In trc I didn't see an explanation about this. Only her people crying on her monument ( or grave? ). Only Lara in her new adventures.

The game ends and still don't know what happened. Ok, I don't follow the articles that maybe have released on internet to check what really happened cause I'm not bounded. So EIDOS had to do something for it and give an explanation. Trc has nothing to do with tr4. Only VCI levels can have. The Industry belongs to Von Croy who had a part in tr4.

31st Jul 2002, 07:23
All of the events in TRC take place before TR4.

They are reminiscenses on the part of Winston and the others, on the assumption that she is dead.

She gets out of the pyramid alive; exactly how will probably be revealed in AoD.

LIke Deek said...shes very resourceful.

31st Jul 2002, 12:35
What DaveJ said.
There are more than a few levels where she makes here way out at the end with the place crashing down
around her. She always makes it (according to user skill).
The end of Last Rev is a CLIFFHANGER.
Heck, people waited years for the resolution of the cliffhanger
between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
The Lord of the Rings movies are doing it now.
It happens monthly in the comics.
To me it seems that Chronicles was a "companion piece" to the other series.
Intended to give the gamer something to do while AOD is worked on.
It's brilliant to have a game that acknowledges the previous game in this fashion - by having the characters reminisce and recount previous tales.
It's done all the timje in comics.
For example - The Batman comics. Aside from the main titles, there
have actually been Commisioner Gordon and Gotham City P.D. mini series.
I watched and episode of Bill Cosby's Kids Say the Darndest Things last night.
He asked a little girl if she had seen Jurassic Park yet. She said "No".
He asked her "Why not?" She replied "Because its not real".
The poor kid is missing out on a lot of fun if she doesn't go to the
movies because they are not real.

Lara is not real.
She is a character created for entertainment.
Lots of things happen to her which are not real.
To enjoy it, you have to go along with it.
Its called suspension of disbelief.
carry on...

31st Jul 2002, 13:23
Deeks' last line there had me musing...
...if the TR games had been a product of the 60's instead of the 90's, we could have had buxom Barbara Windsor playing a spoof Lara in "Carry on Raiding"....Sid James could've been Winston, Kenneth Williams played Pierre, Bernard Bresslaw as Larson, Charles Hawtrey as Von Croy, and Joan Sims as Matron Natla.

Almost a shame we never will. :(

2nd Aug 2002, 04:39
That was a very good cliffhangar, but to me Angel of Darkness is Lara's ressurection.

3rd Aug 2002, 17:20
Originally posted by AOD510123
That was a very good cliffhangar, but to me Angel of Darkness is Lara's ressurection.

Amen to some sensible thinking by AOD510123!

8th Aug 2002, 20:34
I'm glad she's not dead. I would go insane during the school year if I didn't hav something besides Final Fantasy to argue with my ex-boyfriend and our friend with during class. Besides she can't die. SHE'S INVINCIBLE I TELL YA'.!!! INVINCIBLE.....

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M OUT OF CAFFINE!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DOOOOOOOOO!! I need my caffine. * runs off screaming*

10th Aug 2002, 03:28
If Eidos/Core wanted to shake up the series with a shocking twist, this had to be it.

Would ending the first Tomb Raider series of games after Last Revelation been better? Perhaps. But I can't say playing Chronicles was an unhappy experience. http://sbp777.homestead.com/files/wink2.gif

Having Lara Croft coming back after nearly dying is a good plot move. Angel of Darkness suggests this Lara will be darker and changed some by this experience.

12th Aug 2002, 20:01
I'd like to believe that TR1 upto TRC is the 1st part of the Tomb Raider-saga. And although Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation showed Lara's (presumed) death, we got Tomb Raider: Chronicles on top of this to have one more look at her and to say goodbye (only to see that she's actually not so dead after having finished this game)

All I wanna say is that with the release of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, we're about to start PART II of the Tomb Raider-saga. I wonder what they're gonna do with Lara Croft when they wanna finished part II and move on to another new chapter in this wonderful series ...

... maybe instead of killing her, they're gonna send her back home to her parents; only to give up on adventures!!

the last frustration
13th Aug 2002, 03:43
TLF thinks the series is good enough as it is (that includes the upcoming games), although they could have done without TRC. -_-

13th Aug 2002, 17:05
Originally posted by the last frustration
TLF thinks the series is good enough as it is (that includes the upcoming games), although they could have done without TRC. -_-

I liked Tomb Raider: Chronicles. What I didn't like were the many bugs in the game. And maybe TRC is a very important game, because Core realized after having made this game that they had to change their style. It is the weakest of the entire series of course ... but not so bad after all.

13th Aug 2002, 17:11
because Core realized after having made this game that they had to change their style

No...Angel Of Darkness was already in preparation when Chronicles was being produced.

Chronicles was always intended to be a space filler, as there was gonna be a longer than usual wait between TR games with the advent of AoD.

I think they realised that a revamp was in order long before Chronicles slithered out, too.

26th Aug 2002, 19:33
Yes, I'm anxious to put my hands on AOD! But I did like Chronicles with its very different styles in the very same game. Plus, the VCI levels brought us someting new just like the Ireland levels which showed us a young Lara solving puzzles with no guns. I agree we're going to move on to TR part 2 and can you really think of a better hommage to the first Lara than Chronicles? One day Chronicles (which isn't my favorite TR game, right) will eventually be considered by many as a great masterpiece in several ways. You just have to be open minded and forget the bugs if you can! I only hope there won't be as many of us as there usually are to say AOD is a disappointment for this and for that when it finally comes out...

26th Aug 2002, 21:41
The way I see it is-
Why not keep a good thing going?

27th Aug 2002, 03:15
I knew Lara would continue on! Thus, the release of Chronicles.

Why stop a good thing?


Blind Intentions
29th Aug 2002, 04:27
Core couldn't kill Lara. Do you know how many pissed off fans there would be? I never thought she was dead. Although it's a good idea to change Lara's character a little for AOD, a part of her did die in Egypt.

6th Nov 2003, 20:45
Lara will NEVER die... She's not the type.

8th Nov 2003, 21:14
You know, I have even dedicated my degree work (on the second page) to the living memory of Lara...

19th Nov 2003, 22:35
So y'all know, Lara was technically suppose to be killed off since Core intended for TR4 to be the last game. And I'm not making this this up,because the producers talked about this in a issue of PSM magazine(the the issue where TR was unvealed).

The prequel part of the game(the training level) was meant to give people that fallowed the game some closure.

Chris-Craig Michaels
20th Dec 2003, 07:33
Well, I am VERY excited about AOD for MAC very soon. I am really looking forward to playing a new game with Lara. I think, story wise though, that having Lara die at the end of Last Revelation was a really good ending, although a bit depressing. Maybe she should have come back and survived, but I wish she hadn't been so dark after she came back. Oh well:). I am happy with what they did. Didn't really need Chronicles, but it was fun to play:).

Chris-Craig Michaels
20th Dec 2003, 07:38
Lara will NEVER die... She's not the type.

LOL. Well, except for the 1,800 million times we have seen that little sign "Game Over." My dad once said that TR seemed more like torcher for Lara after seeing me do a fire puzzle in TRLE. "Torcher," LOL, no pun intended:).

20th Dec 2003, 21:57
It would have been better if von croy, had grabbed her hand and her hand had 'come off.' so you are thinking she is dead, because von croy has her severed hand, but then you see her with a false hand in the next game, which she uses to strangle von croy in revenge.
with this false hand , the new time restriction of grabbing and shimmying could be overidden( never gets tired you see) and also used as a weapon.

she as rescued from the pyramid by kurtis , who we discover in tr 8 is actually her long lost uncle.

The game could be called the 'hand of doom ', or the 'revenge of the severed hand'

Chris-Craig Michaels
23rd Dec 2003, 03:36
Hand of Doom?

Well, they toyed with the notion of the hand of fate for a while. Did that actually ever connect with the game? That early FMV with the Hand of Fate, etc.?

23rd Dec 2003, 08:45
hey , perhaps i must have read that somewhere.
hmm, hand of fate sounds a bit cheesy. Angel of Darkness is fine for me