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29th Jul 2002, 17:02
I think Leatherman deserves a thanks you for setting up the server.

It is mucho fun and I highly reccommend that all who have the Unreal Tournement Game Of the Year edition with the 436 patch try this out.

Last night there were only 4 of us but it was a gas.

Sorry I couldn't stick around Squid, Sneak and LM, I got dropped out a time or two.

It might be I need to clean out the files and reload the GAME SYS.

Thanks for the game, and thanks again LM for the server.

With LM's permission I will be happy to provide the info via Email. The server is small (at this time) so LM does not want thousands of anybodies flooding the site.

Can you keep a secret? If so I'll spill the beans. :D :D :p

29th Jul 2002, 17:42
I'm always up for a fast and furious game of UT, and I'd LOVE to play with you guys. I've mainly been messing around and sniping the living hell out of people on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault lately. For anyone here that plays it, look for me as [Wraith]Twitch and hiding on a very difficult to reach rooftop in the Destroyed Village.

Spill me some beans, Blackman - if you don't want to do it publicly, throw me the info in an email. Thanks, bro

29th Jul 2002, 18:19
Not only providing the server for Thievery but UT as well :) UT is a dedicated server while Thievery needs to be non-dedicated for awhile. I just sent LM an email to tell him about a new map pak for UT that has 82 new maps and is ver 5.2 so should be pretty good with this update. It's big...148mgs worth of download but I've got DAP on it and will just wait it out :D I still check it out once in awhile but afraid many of us are into Thievery at the moment :D

tBm...you forgot me and then Vesper came in too later on and Salvage, theThief were there too for some play! Geez :D

Nazgaul...good to see you again and do join in...his server can support about 10 ppl..although the game sets certain limits on active players...and right now can only do DM...coop is not working right yet?

So see ya all there whenever :) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 18:26
Huntress you are right. I apologize for missing you and the others.

I did manage to catch THEthief, Huntress, a little Vesper and Salvage.

I got kicked out so often I forgot you all.

I think I need to retune. When I did a simple Full Screen to window change the thing would throw me out.

29th Jul 2002, 19:02
One thing Hawklett...I think it would be best if you tried to keep your questions regarding Thievery/UT in one thread? That way we don't have to keep bouncing around to try and help you :) You know the routine...LOL Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 19:16
Yes, it was very nice playing with everyone last night. I can't wait to do it again... finally getting to test my skills! lol Seriously, it's much better playing with friends than with people you don't know. There's too many people out there who are rule, flamers, etc., and they don't make for an enjoyable game. Hopefully, if any of you are on the server early morning Thursday, I'll see you then.


29th Jul 2002, 19:39
so don't know if Thurs morning it will be? He's suggested around 6 his time...Eastern...and have replied in his post about delaying until 7ish...hopefully catching more ppl after they get off work, etc. It's hard with all of us scattered around in diff time zones...but only so much can be done in the weekdays...of course weekends offer more variation :) So just keep trying and try to adjust time accordingly is all you or he can do :) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 19:42
EST - 3 = PST
EST - 2 = MST
EST - 1 = CST

6 pm EST = 3 pm PST
6 pm EST = 4 pm MST
6 pm EST = 5 pm CST

6 EST 4 MST From East to West 6-5-4-3
6 EST 3 PST From West to East 3-4-5-6

Confused?? I always am.

30th Jul 2002, 00:34
theBlackman, you're welcome. If you wish to send the info to other members, be my guest.
Also, about the "crashing when minimizing": That is a known problem with UT when running under Direct3D. To prevent the crashes, you can click the small squares in the upper right-hand corner of the TUT desktop (what you see when hit ESC) to minimize and maximize, or you can run the game in OpenGL, which has some texturing problems but doesn't crash when you minimize. ;)

Nazgaul and Hawklette, I'll send you a PM with the info.

Huntress, 82 new maps! Are you crazy! (j/k, I will look into it. ;))
When I run the server, I will usually start it around 8pm EST and a little earler on the weekends, running through the night for those who can't get in earlier.


Now, I want to thank all who have participated for playing the game with dignity and not ruining it with cheats and other exploits which degrade the gameplay. Since this is an awesome forum, with many wonderful people, I reserve the server for the members here. This way you can play with others you know and like and who will play the game with respect to the original Thief games. :)

30th Jul 2002, 01:47
:D however, I keep seeing these maps on other servers and I'm tired of not being able to join in cause I don't gott'm ;) They try to download to me but that's fruitless cause of my slow connection...so I may get part way through and then the map changes and I've lost whatever I got cause it don't save a partial to pickup and go from there when it would come up again :( So I figure I might as well get this mod so that I can get more play (or at least spectate to watch for fun instead sometimes :) ). I think it would be neat to have some more variety in our DM's when we play as well...but you do as you like of course...no need to patronize my little whims :D

Ta and Good Hunting!

30th Jul 2002, 01:50
Hey, I enjoyed it too. Is a lot of fun. And I just thought I knew Thief. I am a Newbie in this version no doubt. :-) So I have something to shoot for. Fun fun. Was great playing with everyone. Lets do it again. ;)

I think Squid and I finally gave up about 3 in the morning. OMG and I had to work today.

My thanks also for putting up the server. :)

30th Jul 2002, 06:37
Sneak, try 4 am for me! Fortunately I don't have to work in the mornings, or I wouldn't have even tried to be up that late! :D


31st Jul 2002, 03:07
Hey TBM,
I forgot to say, the other night when we were all playing, I was Spectating when you were playing Aquatone as a Thief. Leatherman was a Guard. The most fun 30 minutes I have had in a while. I cracked up and laughed! :)

You were flat giving Leatherman fits of H3doubleL with your vast supply of Crack Arrows. And the Guards were hurting from your Broadheads. That was a fun one to watch. ;)

Boy I wish as a Spectator you could see the arrows fly.

Am wondering Leatherman if you see this, Does the server set the amount of loot you start with to buy goods at loadout? Mine is set to the default of 600. If I should set it as more let me know. I don't wanna short change myself at the start of a mission. :)

See ya in there tomorrow night, I may sign on late. Might go to dinner with some friends. :D

31st Jul 2002, 03:53
Thanks Sneak,

I figured, why not. I still don't know what all the different tools do so I was experimenting.

The 600 is default for all the setups, as is the 800 for the guards.

I have 4 different load outs so I can just "fire when ready Gridley."

It saves time, and lets me change to a different one if I decide something different is needed for a level.

Them damn spiders in the lair are sure tough little buggers. Takes quite a few arrows to do them in. I think I'll try a crack arrow or two and see what that does.

I wasted a few Bheads trying to explode a mine under the feet of the guards. I guess proximity to people is the only trigger. Too bad they don't work like the ones in Thief. :D

I'd love to feed the guards thier own medicine with mines and Paralysis arrows.

31st Jul 2002, 05:41
I just couldn't believe that tBm kept going in the same way! Glutton for punishment I guess. That was one serious blood bath when tBm and I were through, LOL!

As far as the cash, I keep it at default. That means 600 Thief, 850 Guard.

The spiders are just like guards in that if they are unaware of you it only takes one broadhead. Otherwise I think they take 4 or 5.

I'd love to feed the guards thier own medicine with mines and Paralysis arrows. Don't forget about the Fire arrows! I usually grab 1 at loadout because I like fried Thief for breakfast. :eek:

31st Jul 2002, 06:11
for something else (as long as you don't kill one of your own mates and/or pet spiders :D) when you run out of flares...they're good to relight torches with too! I sure hope they fix that glich real soon...no supply chests in two maps that I know of :( Not fair!

See you later Taffers...Good Hunting!