View Full Version : How to add a CreatureAttachment link (man picks up a book) during a conversation?

29th Jul 2002, 16:46
I need a nobleman to pick up a book and walk with it in a conversation, but can't get it to happen. Here is what I have so far:

Add link
Arg 1: CreatureAttachment
Arg 2: 747 (the book)
Arg 3: 587 (the nobleman)

When I do this, he grabs the book, but the book (or money, I tried that, too) disappears, apparently inside his body. I can frob the object while he's walking, and when I k/o the guy I can actually see the object floating below me while I'm carrying him.

My problem is, I have to have him pick up the book (by adding the link above), but I need it to be held in his right wrist. How do I do this?

30th Jul 2002, 02:58
I had the same problem with one of my conversations.
What I did was make a fake book..FrobInert already in his hand. Have a custom meta-pro make it invisible..During the converastion..Remove that metaprop and the book becomes visible again...works fine unless you want Garrett to pick his pocket..