View Full Version : Hints? Confounded again

29th Jul 2002, 15:47
Help!! I swear I am not this incompetent. I did play completely through SR1 with very little help, in fact I only called eidos a few times. I am really not this useless.

Ok, now that I have belittled myself, here is the situation:

I am in Jonos' keep. I have made it to the interior of the mountain and killed the skeleton guy to get the red sheild to open the door. I have looked through the door and seen the sunlight crystals and shot the ones closest to me and nothing has happened. I can't seem to get the glass sunlight doors to come down either....what am I missing?

Honestly I thought I have looked all around. I even noticed the Wind sign on the carpet and can't figure that one out, either.


29th Jul 2002, 16:05
You have to use the Light Reaver to shoot the sunlight crystals, and you have to shoot them so that the projectile goes through both. The sunlight doors will come down when you do this. Pour some blood in the Blood things with a vase and the Ice covering the Wind symbol will melt.

29th Jul 2002, 16:40
Your help has been much appreciated.

Thank you.