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29th Jul 2002, 12:04
I'm still doing it (for those who now what the hell I'm talking about) for those who don't making BOmen in the Aurora (Neverwinter Nights) Editor.

Course physically I've done very little as there editor isn't where is needs to be to get the job done but a great number of really cool revelations have come around.

One thing I didn't think would be possible wont even be that difficult. Human enemies entering the 'waver state' so kain can drink their blood exactly as in the game. As well as blood can still have all the tainted effects (Green - Poison, Black-Damages etc).

Well there's other things but I wont bore everyone, Im just really excited. I just wanted to let people know that I'm still doing it.

In time.

29th Jul 2002, 12:44
keep us updated!

31st Jul 2002, 19:59
I am interested very much in both BLOOD OMEN and NWN Modules so I would like to be involved in making a fan-remake. Don't know what else to say for now just let me know if there's anything I can do or find out for the project.

side note: Has anyone played the game Gothic? It's this RPG from germany with really bad translation but it has some very cool quirks like cutting meat off of dead animals and cooking it so you can eat it and gain health. Anyway my point is somebody made a module for NWN (Encampment's Emissaries if you're interested) that implements this and other features. If this is possible then the toolset has more power than I originally though. While we may not be able to have Custom everything, we can make pretty much anything happen using NWScript. We don't need everything to be voices, we can have it be text that pops up, custom textures I don't know about. Anyway