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29th Jul 2002, 11:47
Tomb Raider 4 - The Last Revelation for PC

I'm using a Sidewinder control Pad, and realised that I have to configure it myself.
I know how to access the control pad configuration within the game options...but since I've just started playing. and Lara has a lot of moves :rolleyes: , I don't know which button is best configured for which action

I'd appreciate any help/advice on configuring. If there's anywhere on the net where I can find such help, please fwd.

Thanks in advance:)

29th Jul 2002, 18:26
I'm not sure what a Sidewinder is like, as I've got a Thrustmaster, but all I did was configure it to similar commands to my PS pad, eg where X would be I've made it action, circle is roll, L1 look, R1 Walk etc. As I'm still a new-ish Raider, and I've only played the first 3 on PS, I've used more or less those commands, apart from flare, as I don't have enough dedicated buttons, so I get it via the inventory. Hope it's of some help! :cool:

29th Jul 2002, 19:47
I think I can help you out with that, I also have a sidewinder game pad.

I'll refer to the buttons and their actions.

the 'start' button is the menu (esc)
(A) is draw weapons
(B) is action
(C) is Jump
(X) is look
(Y) is walk
(Z) is dash

The back right finger key is roll
The back left finger key is duck

Hope this helps, it works really good for me.

29th Jul 2002, 23:34
Thanx for the help:) ...I'll try those configurations out.

BTW. I played the first 3 Tomb Raiders on PSX too...and they were all great.

The graphics on TR 4 (PC) are much better though.

30th Jul 2002, 05:42
If I'm right TR1 CD has sidewinder configuration files! You can use this for your information but keep in mind that TR4 has more moves than TR1 ok! ;)
Hope that helps you!!