View Full Version : tr chronicles-'escape with iris'

29th Jul 2002, 09:23
i got stuck now.i found the hidden passage in the restroom &i follow the way.i came to other side of the red rays(invisible) where there is one gaurd but lara dint used chloroform to kill him.i press the lift button & enter into the lift.the moment i go up three gaurd come and kill me.somehow i explore that room but i find nothing except two large med-pack.pls help me.

i also want to ask one querries.my friend who already registered tr to ask his thread but he dint know how to ask.pls tell me the procedure

29th Jul 2002, 09:39
Hi! As far as I remember, you should press the button once again when you get up there and the guards start shooting. Then the elevator will descend again. And be ready to press the button once again! ;)

The second question - I can't understand what do you mean... please explain what procedure do you mean. :)