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29th Jul 2002, 02:35
after sebatian runs around and circles and has the platform raised, how do I get up on the platform with him? I cant seem to jump up there... Please help, thank you.

29th Jul 2002, 02:38
The way I did it was to watch were he stops at, when he runs around top of you. Put yourself across of that stop point and when he jumps to get you, the middle will hurt him. He will stop in another spot so be careful your life is not to low. Cause he does go back to the spot directly in front of you!:eek:

Umah Bloodomen
29th Jul 2002, 02:39
I think you were supposed to have been on the platform when it raised. I am not sure if there's a way to get back on it. Try jumping, but if that doesn't work, you'll need to restart the battle I am afraid.

Ardeth Silvereni
29th Jul 2002, 15:49
I'm pretty sure you can jump on to it. I think I did. Let me just check which part of the battle you are talking about:

Part 1 - Straight physical combat
Part 2 - Sebastian running around the room, occasionally diving at Kain.
Part 3 - Sebastian tells the human controller to raise the platform. Sebastian jumps up, and starts whacking the Nexus Stone.

Is that the bit? You should be able to get up there by jumping to stop Sebastian destroying the stone.

29th Jul 2002, 15:52
You can't jump onto the platform, but you can jump and grab the side of it and then pull yourself up.

18th Sep 2003, 05:42
Part 1: Don't make any move at first. All I do is just stand there and wait for the smoke/fire to burn him twice! (Depands on your luck. Normally it works!) By this way, you can have your full life.;)

Part 2: Just simply run around in the circle and make sure you are the same direction between the smokes. (Beware it will hurts you too). Spot where he stop at the same time. When the smoke stop, quickly take a look where Sebastian is, try to move to his opposite side and let the middle to hurt him for three times.

Part 3: Jump up quickly to the platform before Sebastian destroying the stone. Then he will jump down, used CHARM to control the human in the control room to activate the switch. He will jump up again since smoke is all around. Then, start fighting!
Come to this part, I'm still trying!:D

18th Sep 2003, 15:28
greetings lanphierdamm

Perhaps I may have a solution to your problem.

I have found there are two ways to fight Sebastian (in Ps2).
the first is to face him outright in the beginning, since both Kain and Sebastian will be in the center of the room.
The second (and bear with me in this one) is to first let Kain die. When he regenerates, he will be in the center of the room and Sebastian will be way back where the steam can burn him (he will lose a lot of life like this!)
One thing though, do not, and I mean not, move Kain while this is happening because it will cause Sebastian to react and move away from the steam.

When he has been damaged enough be ready to jump aside.
The moment he screams "it burns" for the third time he will try to use berserk on Kain. Just jump out of the way.
Now comes the weird part. Sebastian will get the room moving and Kain has to run around to avoid the steam vents (keep an eye out on where Sebastian is).
Stay between the vents, and when you hear "here I come Kain!"
be ready to jump. If Sebastian is in front of you, jump back so the electric beam is between Kain and him. The armored fool will jump through it and be sizzled. Jump forward if you cannot see him, making sure the electric beam is between the two of you.

After Sebastian sizzles for the third time he orders the human worker to raise the dais and utters "I will destroy this precious jewel!" If Sebastian strikes the Nexus stone three times it is Game Over, with a rather explosive finale for Kain.
to avoid this Kain simply jumps up as normal (jump, hang in there a bit and heaves himself up), not with the Jump ability.
When he does Sebastian jumps off, avoiding Kain.
Do not follow him down. Use charm instead and have the human activate the left lever to fill the floor of the room with hot steam.
Sebastian will jump up on the patform and whatever you do, don't let him push you off, you will lose an enormous amount of life and it will be game over within seconds.
Stay in the middle of the platform, block his attacks and watch out when he uses Berserk.
Rage does very little damage, so don't use it.
Instead, watch for when he tires, grab him and throw him over the side. You need to do this two or three times.

When his lifebar is gone, you will get the good ending (for Kain anyway).

I hope this is of some use.:)

1st Jul 2004, 03:26
I'm playing the PC version and when u engage Seb, do a triple hit on him then he'll be stunned enough for u to choke hold him and throw him into the steam vents...... If u did it right he will yell "It Burns!", after that he will do an unstoppable attack, dodge it and trip hit him again and throw him into the steam

watch out coz steam hurts you as well

when he starts running around keep an eye on him and see where he perches ("I'm coming Kain!"), get on the other side of him and the purple energy barrier and be facing him, he will jump into the barrier 2 or 3 times and raise a platform

after that jump up to the platform and he will jump down, there is NO WAY to confront him on the ground. Use Charm to possess the Innocent and turn on the steam jets

Seb will jump up on the platform, try to grab him or stun him with a trip hit(then throw him into the steam below)

DO NOT allow Seb to knock u into the steam or u will die