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29th Jul 2002, 00:01
Ok I'm at the last of it and I only get to push him off the center 1 time before he fires me! I cant figure out how to kill him! HELP!:(

29th Jul 2002, 00:16
Ok, you've got to hit Magnus with telekinesis, then duck behind one of the statues and wait for him to use his attack on you, which will hit the statue instead. You have a few seconds after he hits the statue to aim at him and hit him with telekinesis again, then get behind another statue quick! I think you have to hit him 3 or 4 times.

Hope that helps a bit!

And that's just the first round! :eek:


29th Jul 2002, 02:33
Ok, got to the point were he runs into a statue place, I been fighting him to the point of his life is all gone but he still wont die! GEEZ! WTF do I do!:confused:

Umah Bloodomen
29th Jul 2002, 02:36
You need to position yourself in front of the statue where the infinity symbol is (the horizontal 8 at the front) Get Magnus to run towards you and jump out of the way. He should hit the statue instead. After a couple of times of doing this, the statue will fall on top of him.

Good luck!

29th Jul 2002, 15:48
You have to make Magnus hit the weapons of the 4 statues, then use Telekinesis on the symbols on the statue's bases, this will make a statue of Moebius appear. You then have to make Magnus hit the Statue's staff then makehim hit the base.

22nd Jun 2007, 17:14
:rolleyes: I have an error at 25% Eternal Prison. It's says : Send Report, Dont send report. :( :( :( :( How can help me ? I need a save at the battle with Magnus , or a save with 30% or 40%, to be may large than 25%. Please !!:rolleyes: Mail me at janos_audron2007@yahoo.com