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28th Jul 2002, 22:10
My ThieveryUT server is up again right now (6pm EST)!

For those who haven't played on my server yet, you will need the password. PM or email me for it.

Have fun! My wife (Z-Girl) and I will be in after a little while.

See ya there!

PS, The server may not be up again until Wednesday, so get your fix now!:D

28th Jul 2002, 22:24
WooHoo! Finally, a time and a day I can play on it! See you there!


28th Jul 2002, 23:01
What happened?? See "OOOPS."

28th Jul 2002, 23:37
You shouldn't have any problems now.

Squid, you just don't seem to have any luck getting in when others are there. It seems that right after tBm dropped out, you joined.

See you taffers soon!

29th Jul 2002, 19:25
Although I might make a slight alternative time? If you bring it up at 6 your time...some Taffers to the West of you might not be home yet from work? Or in the Northern areas...like Canada? :D Maybe an hour later might be more condusive to get more folks available for play so we aren't alone waiting for others? :D You know how that went recently...just a thought my friend. ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 19:37
EST - 3 = PST
EST - 2 = MST
EST - 1 = CST

6 pm EST = 3 pm PST
6 pm EST = 4 pm MST
6 pm EST = 5 pm CST

6 EST 4 MST From East to West 6-5-4-3
6 EST 3 PST From West to East 3-4-5-6

Confused?? I always am. :eek:

29th Jul 2002, 20:03
However...you missed a calculation for our Canadian friends..not to mention our European hanger outers...Salvage...Gummie (hope Gums gets his deal straightened out soon ;) ) he'll be joining up as able too :) Ta and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 20:14
Thanx for your concern, Huntress, but we fall in with the US scheme of Eastern, Central (which is really Middle Eastern, but you can't say that around here :p), Mountain and Pacific time zones, so tBM's detailed scheme, while confusing, fits us too!

I had a great time playing last night, even though it was interrupted: I think I'm gonna cheat a bit and get a DVD drive for my laptop, then give that to the kids when they want to watch movies while I keep playing on this machine! I think one unbalancing factor for us lot in playing Thievery is that everyone is a pretty skilled and experienced Thief, so it really does get hard to spot the thieves! Still, in the maps I played last night the honours were about evenly split between thieves and guards, so that's not bad.

Highlights included the duels with Apache in the garden (me as guard, him as thief), including arrows arcing under my ribs from the shadows (OK, this is likely to feel much more like a highlight in a game than in reality!), the general variety of settings in the maps, which are mind-blowing, and the epiphany that as a guard I *can* hulk around making a lot of noise and standing in the light!

I'll definitely try to make it in again tonight, if the server's up (and nice job Leatherman on getting it up and running!)


29th Jul 2002, 20:42
notice and dates thereto, LOL He won't be up again till Wednesday...probably ;) The original message was written for Sunday's gathering of Thieves :D So in the meatime, you can practice with Solo game as will I soonly...I really need to do this although I've been spectating a lot and has helped...not quite the same thing as playing and knowing where you are and where loot is to be found, etc. I really need to get much better...I'll never be great at it...but I should be able to hold my own much better anyway :) So later gator and Good Hunting!

29th Jul 2002, 23:58
You will have to wait until Wednesday for my server to be up again. :( I can't run it 24/7 like my UT server since I can't get a dedicated server working under Linux just yet. I am lucky to be able to run ThieveryUT under Linux at all, so the server runs with all graphics and sound until I close it. This prevents me from doing anything else on my comp while it runs, as well as putting a full load on the processor and graphics card. I will try to run it most weekends, and when I do I will leave it up overnight, shutting down in the morning (8am-9am EST) the following day (so my processor and graphics card can take a break!).

In the meantime, play some solo games and some multiplayer games (on other servers) to get some more practice. (You'll also see how rude and crude some of the other TUT players can be, which is why I password-protect my server.)

Again, look for the server around 8pm EST Wednesday evening.


30th Jul 2002, 00:02
No need to apologize. It is a huge favor to us whenever you can do it.

Rather we should apologize to you for all the nagging. :D

Thanks again.

30th Jul 2002, 06:33
Oh, and if you want your timezones to get even more confusing, I've got a friend who's father is currently trying to figure out a whole new set of time zones... for Mars.