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28th Jul 2002, 20:39
As I get ready to leave this forum for a time yet unknown, I leave you all with my final thoughts on everyone.

Lowin (Driber), you meant alot to me. You still do, I wish things could have been different.

Col and Mike / The dirty duo, You guys have never failed to make me laugh and keep me on my toes with your witty sense of humour.

Andy (Wee bald Man), You taught me a lot about moderating and we made a good team didn't we?

Erin (BRM), still can't believe how young you are!

Scott (Grey Mouser), thanks for giving me the oppertunity to rule the rooost. I still try and close threads every now and again!

Tina (Data), you always amaze me with your replies and you have widened my vocabulary no end!

Matt (Phwirl), From you I have learned not to judge a book by it's cover, and not to go along with the flow but to make my own mind up about people.

Sage, You were there for me when others weren't and for that, I will always be grateful. You have been a true friend and a fellow mod and we've had some great chats also.

John, I forgave you and yet you wouldn't forgive me. That I will never understand.

That's all that I can think of at the moment, but you have all been there for me at some stage and I will always remember you as my online forum. I have been here now for 1 year and 3 months and it's been great. I'll still be about until Thursday, but for now, this is Emma signing off.

The Sage Of Time
29th Jul 2002, 02:14
Oh Emma.. Well, you mean the world to me, you certainly have been a wonderful friend.
It's sad to see you go, but.. Hopefully you'll be back one day and we can talk again once more..
Until then I really do wish you the best, because you deserve it.

Grey Mouser
29th Jul 2002, 19:05
You are always welcome in this neck of the woods, Emma. Don't worry...the lasting and overwhelming urge to delete and close threads can be overcome with long-term therepy and a prescription for certain psycho-reactive drugs ;)

We'll miss you. Stop in any 'ol time :cool:


31st Jul 2002, 19:13
Well this is it. My final night in my house and on this forum. I have so much left to do. So bye everyone! See you all soon i hope!
Emma xxx

Wee Bald Man
3rd Dec 2002, 10:06
Hi Emma!

Well - it's taken me three months to write this reply (I trained a housefly to press each key for me because I am currently being held in a high-security unit several miles away from any computers). :D

Just wanted to say that I had a great laugh moderating with you and I loved your humour. I'm expecting (hoping) to see you back here at some point in the future because I know that this place is like a splinter that is impossible to remove from your mind - once you enter this forum you are forever doomed (blessed?) to return. :D ;)

All the best, keep your pecker up, and come back soon. :)