View Full Version : I need help in "Up ****'s Creek"

Keeper Collins
28th Jul 2002, 19:16
Sorry if i cussed but that's the name of the Mission!Anyway,I'm in the lost city with the blue monkey pepole.Now, I've assemled the the snake heads of fire,water,and erath on theose meatal plates.I just need the Snake Head of Air now and I assume it's acrross the river of lava.It looks like that borad swings over as a bridge if I put a snake head in the meatal plate on the snake statue by the river.Were do I get the head for that and how do I cross the lava river?

28th Jul 2002, 20:10
Once you have the first 3 heads in place, go back into the next cave, the one with the bigger temple with the stairs up to it. The doors should be open now and inside, you'll find one of those little tri-keys. That's what you use on the pedestal by the lava river. :)

29th Jul 2002, 00:36
Keeper Collins,

Please stick to one thread per topic. If you make an error and post two, you can delete the incorrect thread yourself by editing your first post and checking "delete." I will do it for you this time. The other one goes.

Also, in keeping with TR's comment in the other thread, I suggest that you try to check your writing and spelling a little more carefully. And place a space between sentences. ;)