View Full Version : killing in the cathedral

28th Jul 2002, 19:01
i am fighting the keeper of the cathedral (sr1) , i have cut off his spidery arms that hang from the cieling, he keeps producing eggs and i cant find the weekness. please enlighten me.

28th Jul 2002, 19:07
Actually, you're supposed to grab the egg and take it back to the sealed entrance where the dead guy with the flamethrower is and set it on fire, then throw it at him. I think you have to do it three times...

Hope that helps!:D

28th Jul 2002, 19:38
Tip: There's a torch in the room with the big pipe that sends you up to near Zephon and the warp gate. Get that and take it up with you. Light it on the dead guys flamethrower and them put the torch where the eggs come out. When they come out, they will already be on fire.

28th Jul 2002, 20:10
Hah! That's pretty wicked, Vampmaster! I'd never even thought of that!:eek:


28th Jul 2002, 22:41
What a great idea! :D That finally explains the purpose of that torch, too... I must try this next time...

28th Jul 2002, 22:55
LOL, I did that my first time.... except I threw the torch at Zephon, but then the power when out and I did it the right way :)

28th Jul 2002, 23:33
wow, you guys really blow me away. i dont know how you could figure somthing like that out, every time i learn somthing new i try to take my experiance with me to figure out new mysteries that lay ahead, alot of the time i do, but..................any way.thank alot, i really do appreciate it.