View Full Version : Annyong-haseyo!! (Especially for Cane :D )

Chilled Unit
28th Jul 2002, 10:27
Hi Guys!!

This place is mad; but I finally found a semi-regular internet connection whereby I could upload some of my piccies of the place to my webspace back in the UK.. which appears to be functioning :D

Click the links!

The street I'm staying on (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.murphy33/seoul/seocho-gu.jpg)

Seoul looking east from Seoul Tower (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.murphy33/seoul/city_east.jpg)

Street offal restaurant (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.murphy33/seoul/offal.jpg)

The big COEX exhibition center had a computer show on last week; this is a photo of the PS2 stand!!


And naturally; I picked up a copy of Tekken 4 so for cane here are some juicy box shots:

Front (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.murphy33/seoul/t4_front.jpg)

Back (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.murphy33/seoul/t4_back.jpg)

Annyonghi Kyeseyo; later guys :D

28th Jul 2002, 14:24
Great pics Chilled Unit. Sounds like you are in a game players heaven there.

I know three pictures can't tell the whole story of a country, but it sure looks crowded and a little depressing there. Is there any countryside with trees and flowers and such?

Anyway good that you are enjoying yourself.

28th Jul 2002, 15:23
Hey, nice. Man, I want to live somewhere foreign now too. Have fun.

28th Jul 2002, 15:36
Nice pictures, Chilled_unit. And you will have Sir Canealot slobbering in his bib over those pictures...when will it be out in Europe, do you know?

28th Jul 2002, 16:16
Glad to hear that you're having the time of your life :)

28th Jul 2002, 20:12
Tekken 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucky bastard...

Abyss Darkness
30th Jul 2002, 10:12
Tekken 4 sucks.

30th Jul 2002, 18:05
Tekken 4 is a bad game :(

30th Jul 2002, 18:21
Admit it, Cane, you're just jealous :D

30th Jul 2002, 18:31
I've been playing Tekken 4 since a few weeks after it came out in the arcades here (about a year ago), and I've played the Japanse version a dozzen or so times on freinds Ps2.... I'm not jealous...

31st Jul 2002, 06:24
Tekken 4 is not bad!

but Kingdom Hearts will own you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually that was supposed to be Xenosaga, but namco ****ters keep delaying it

31st Jul 2002, 11:00
Ah truth be told Tekken 4 is alright. Its was just a huge disapointment for all the people who had been playing Tekken Tag all these years.

Windcloud: I thought Xenogears/Xenosaga were both Square games? Why is Namco sunndenly doing Xenosaga?

31st Jul 2002, 19:50
long story short, Square didn't want to do another Xeno game, so, Tetsuya Takahashi took his development team to namco to countine to create the Xeno masterpieces.