View Full Version : OT: Congrats to the rescued miners !

28th Jul 2002, 07:32
Trapped US miners rescued (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2156763.stm)

28th Jul 2002, 08:16
Watched on the news. Good ending to a sad story.

28th Jul 2002, 08:20
worrisome situation...I am very glad to see this story come to the best of all endings :) Hooray for the rescue'rs and happy news for the families! Thanks for the update Z and Good Hunting! :)

28th Jul 2002, 14:32
First thing I saw this morning, when I got on line, was the miners being rescued. That is indeed a great happy ending.
I liked the fact, they all stuck together and kept each other warm, they worked together. If only man could do that more often. :)