View Full Version : stuck in mess hall

28th Jul 2002, 05:25
just started eden and got to the part where andre repairs the door lock and the rover goes in to open the door and minoke downloads the data.dont know where to go or what to do next.
was able to open the gate with the dog and go down but nothing seems to be there except crates.

28th Jul 2002, 06:54
override and activate everything in there (minoko). it should open a gate right outside the room you're talking about. (there's a dog and 2 ppl on the other side of the gate)

28th Jul 2002, 13:32
Hi there 2sp, welcome to the forum. :)

Have Minoko come through and override the security panel. Look at the three security cameras (use the right mouse button to zoom, use your MENU button to get out of that camera), unlock the door where the dog is by clicking the switch button and doing the minigame, and watch the security video.
Go through the door you unlocked to the cardboard shantytown. Look around to find several energy cells (you'll have to use the rover to find a couple of them). In the far end of the room are two guys sitting on a low box... use Carter to go between them, and all the way around and through the boxes to the long corridor. Past the door is a bathroom you saw on the security cameras. Shoot the lock off the one on the far end, interrogate the guy there, and he'll give you a keycard.

Hope this helps you. Good luck! :)

29th Jul 2002, 06:09
forgot about the carboard boxes.. (well. its not like thats the hardest part in the game..) :D