View Full Version : Can you download gold levels?

Lil Lara
28th Jul 2002, 02:11
I was wondering if you were able to download the "gold" levels of TR, or is that "illegal"? I was just wondering.:confused: :eek: :rolleyes:

28th Jul 2002, 02:36
I think (I'm not certain) you can download TR1 and 2 gold.

But I am certain that you have to buy TR3 gold (the lost artifact).

Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong....

28th Jul 2002, 03:11
Download TR1 Gold and TR2 Gold, at Sage of Time's site.

TR Timeline (http://www.tombraiderencyclopedia.com/trtimeline)
(It's in the "Extra Downloads" section)

Lil Lara
28th Jul 2002, 05:38
To have the TR1 and 2 gold levels work, I have to have the original games already on my computer, correct??

28th Jul 2002, 14:23
Yes, you do need the original TR1 and TR2 CD's. ;)