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28th Jul 2002, 01:48
Hi all,

I recently installed a TNT2 card on my machine and went to play a game of TheifGold, only to find that my monitor goes into suspend mode when the game loads. The machine will play the intro scenes, but when the game itself kicks in, the monitor goes dead and I cannot revive it, no matter what I try. I end up having to reset the machine. Ran fine with the old Savage 4 card I had in, do I need to reinstall or something?

Any help is greatly appreciated, 'cuz I've got a bone to pick with a couple assassins!

Thanks in advance--Senser

Oh yeah, specs are as follows:

Amd K6-2/500 (not OC'd)
Nvidia TNT2 Model 64 32MB with reference drivers installed
Phillips Acoustic Edge
192 MB PC100
Asus 48x CD

28th Jul 2002, 05:34
Although the nVidia GeForce cards are pretty much just duplicates of each other (they usually only vary in their heat sinks), the TNT/TNT2 cards did get customized by each vendor. That's because nVidia only produced the GPU for the TNT family and the card makers had to design and build the rest of the card around the GPU. Some you could overclock, some not. Some had just the nVidia basic firmware support, some added extra features. You probably need to drop the nVidia reference drivers and go to the card vendor to get their specialized version of their drivers and possibly also check for a BIOS update, too. The BIOS update for my Creative 3D Blaster TNT2 Ultra fixed a problem with fogging and some textures.

Is it a PCI or AGP video card? If AGP, the video card might handle the 2X transfer rate but you'll need to set it in your BIOS (and make sure it isn't set in BIOS faster than what the card can handle).

You didn't mention your version of Windows. 95? 98? ME? 2000? Or XP? Depending on the OS (and ACPI), you might be able to find an IRQ to use separately for the video card. Might help, too, to use a non-shared IRQ for the sound card.

The freeze might not be because of video. Audio can also cause that hang; it did with me until I updated my SB Live drivers (and had to experiment to find which ones were actually best since Creative was "experimenting" for awhile). Make sure you have the latest audio drivers, too.

Do you have the game's resolution set differently than for your Windows desktop? That is, for example, do you have the game set to use 1024x768 but am using something lower for Windows? If so, have you actually tried running Windows at the same resolution as you selected within the game to ensure that you have sync, position, and refresh set correctly? You need to ensure you can run Windows at that same resolution okay. I've seen some folks that use Windows at 800x600 but try to play the game at 1024x768, or higher, but have never bothered to test if the hardware works at that higher resolution. If the video is far enough out of sync with what the monitor supports, usually you get shearing of the image but if more out sync results in a black screen (the monitor will blank out to protect itself from overcurrent or running their components beyond their supported frequency range).

28th Jul 2002, 06:16
I had a Diamond Stealth 3 S540 (Savage4 chip) once, and when I upgraded to a GF2MX I had lots of problems getting any better performance. After multiple reinstalls and tweaks, I eventually went into the registry and deleted everything I found containing the words/lines "Savage4", "S3", "S540", and any other buzzwords directly related to my Savage4 card. It worked like a charm. Framerates went up and games stopped misreporting the graphics chipset (I think the problem is a poor uninstall program).

I think you might need to do the same, but before you do anything, make a backup of your registry. It can be a dangerous operation if not done properly! If you have never done this before, start here: Winguides.com (http://www.winguides.com/registry/). Look at the Registry Tutorial (http://www.winguides.com/article.php?id=1&guide=registry) specifically.

Good luck!

28th Jul 2002, 07:22
The above suggestions are worthwhile to pursue, but I am not sure whether or not they will have any impact on your suspend mode issue. Maybe yes, maybe no. While you are about it, after you clean up all the other things mentioned, I suggest that you install nVidia's reference Detonator drivers, which you can download at www.nvidia.com . These drivers are generally better than what the vendor provides. In my experience, the reference Detonator drivers handle all nVidia chip sets by any vendor, starting with the TNT. TNT2 should work fine. Of course, you can save the vendor's driver CD just in case there is a problem.

OK, back to suspend mode. I have a thought, but it is a shot in the dark, like all problems of this type. I think that suspend mode can be caused by your software (Thief) sending a signal to the video card / monitor combination that it cannot support or is not set up to handle. I had that happen just the other day with a digital LCD monitor, which could only handle a 60 Hz refresh rate, and my video card was set to something else. When Thief starts it changes the resolution to whatever you have specified in the Thief setup or a default value. Associated with each resolution, the video card sends out a specified refresh rate that you can set up in the display properties (after your driver is installed correctly). If you have not already done that setup of refresh rates, I suggest that you go into your display properties and set the refresh rate for every resolution that you might want to use.

In addition to the above, I suggest that you go into the display properties, screen saver tab, power management options, and turing off suspend mode, just for grins. This is probably not the cause of the problem, but it cannot hurt to have the OS power management out of the picture while testing this.
After you have set all the refresh rates for each resolution you might want to use, and you have verified that they all work, then you have a better chance of it working in Thief.

Good luck.:)

28th Jul 2002, 16:46
So far, the refresh rate options sounds like it's the most likely suspect. Although, I am running the reference drivers (see original post). The OS I'm running is Win 98SE. I used regclean to (hopefully solve any registry problems, however, I'll look through it manually to see if there are any stray S3 entries still there). I also update the VIA 4-in-1 drivers before installing the TNT2 card to ensure that I had the lastest agp drivers. I'll try to set the refresh rates and hope that works. I'm running 1024 x 768 in Windows, but only 640 x 480, sometimes 800 x 600 in games. Counter-strike works fine. I'm only having this problem with Thief. :(

HELP! I just looked through my display properties applet and didn't see any way to manually set the refresh rates for each resolution. It's currently set to "Optimal" letting Windows determine the best rate. Since I'm not sure what rates the monitor supports, I figure that's the best option. Any suggestions?

28th Jul 2002, 17:39
Weird. It runs at 1024 x 768 (very slowly) but not any lower! Also, for some reason, my machine crashes when I attempt to change the resolution to 800x600 in Windows!!! I guess I need to reinstall the drivers? Could this be an issue with the card itself?

28th Jul 2002, 17:40
If you have the option to change it you can experiment with the rate.

If a pulldown or scroll down is there (as it is in most) then start at about 75 and work your way up.

Optimal, Default, and choices are usually available. You could start with Default and compare results.

28th Jul 2002, 17:58
Ah, it looks like you have found the problem. If the resolutions / refresh rates do not work in a normal desktop they will surely not work in Thief. A reinstall of drivers is probably in order.

Make sure that you try nVidia's reference drivers. That comes as an executable (EXE file) that takes care of uninstalling the other driver if it is an nVidia driver. Cancel out of the new hardware wizard (if you see it) and run the EXE file instead. If your existing driver is not an nVidia driver, then the safe procedure is to change to standard VGA first (under Properties / Settings / Advanced / Adapter / Change (or Properties)) and then uninstall the old driver using Add / Remove Programs before running the nVidia EXE file.

The option for refresh rate is under Properties / Settings / Advanced / Monitor. If you don't find that, you definitely have a problem with your drivers.

28th Jul 2002, 20:13
Yeah, I installed the newest Detonator drivers and 800 x 600 was all screwy, but didn't crash. So, I changed the resolution, then changed the refresh rate to 75 (the default rate for 800 x 600 according to the monitor manual), then switched the resolution back to 800 x 600 and it worked in both Win98 and Thief. Strange that Windows wouldn't be able to choose the correct refresh rate for a PnP monitor, but IT IS Windoze after all. Stranger things have happen I suppose. All's good for now. Thanks for all the help guys. THis is truely one of the more helpful forums I've ever posted to. Keep it up.

28th Jul 2002, 20:18
We thank you for keeping us posted. It is nice to know that a suggestion worked, or that you ( or anyone else) found a solution.

In the long run it helps us all.

Welcome to the "club" ;) and be certain you bring yours (club that is) when you come back. Some of our members are a little rowdy. :D

28th Jul 2002, 21:31

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28th Jul 2002, 22:12
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