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27th Jul 2002, 22:54
hello truly enlightened; i am lost in the cathedral of sr1. i have activated the second up-draft vent. i have made my way around turning knobs and activating ,what look like ,different vents that flow air currents through tubes along the wall. first: i am in a dead end room. with tubes and two "sling shot" looking things sticking up from the ground alieghned with a tube opening. a switch is up along some tubes on the back wall, when i activate it it shows air movment out of the pipe inline with the slingshot looking things. so i dont know what to do now,BUT......along my way to said room i encountered a bell (the thired bell, the first two opened a stone enteryway ) of which i dont know the sugnificance of. AND, in one chamber along the way (to the last chamber that i'm in now) i turned one of the first switchs in a room that looks like a big pipe organ thing. i climb some pillars along the wall and jump to an opening ,across from which i can see on top of the organ looking thing and see some vent lids that need lifting. i can only get to them in the spectral plan. i have assumed that i have not found what i need the bell for and have not opened a way to the vent lids. but now i think i need some help. SO, thired bell,,,vents on organ thing,,, in dead end room with sling shot lookings things....if you can figure out what i am talking about then you are truly masters of the realms of sr1. thanks for any help....thirsting for more souls...colinnovember

27th Jul 2002, 23:45
In the room with the "slingshot looking things" (which is what I thought they looked like, too :D), there is a segment of pipe standing up that you have to push over so that it lands on the "slingshot" thingys and completes the pipeline.

Hope that helps!:)

28th Jul 2002, 22:38
Also in the second air vent shaft, there are two other pipes that need to be pushed into place.

As for the big bell and the organ pipes... well... these are relics of the original Soul Reaver. The bell would have imbued the Sound Reaver; the pipes you can still use. After you've killed Zephon, if you go back to that room, there's a climable wall next to the organ; if you climb up that wall, you can open all three pipes, and the resultant chord will do fun things... This was connected to the original ending of the game, in which Raziel destroyed all the vampires of Nosgoth by ascending to even greater heights of the cathedral. For more information, see blincon's website (which should be listed in his signature line of one of his posts.)