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27th Jul 2002, 18:52
I must have never played the Thief 2 version of this mission, thinking it was just like the original. Either that, or I just have selective memory again. :)

I have all objectives complete except for escaping to the City. I eliminated the apparition-like fellow guearding the switch under the book in the room with the patrolling Hissie and the big tall doors, but can't find what the switch does. Whatver it does, it does something(I think) different than the original did.

How do I get out ?

I stongly prefer the original Ranstall Keep to this one, I've been through the little maze thing with the frogbeasties and the wooden wheel/submerged switch thing, and that whole section, with the rubble weighting down things, is just tiresome and destroys my immersion. Some of the other changes are very good however. :)

Still a very good mission though. :)

27th Jul 2002, 19:23
I've played both versions not too long ago and I didn't find them terribly different, except for the added part of town in the Thief 2 version. I'm pretty sure the bit with the frog beasts was in both of them.

The button you pushed should have opened doors at either end of the upstairs balcony in that room. There are now "transport beams" that will take you up to the top level. I'm surprised you have all objectives completed except to get back to town, if you haven't done this part. Did you not get the objective to get into the Master's private rooms? I can't remember what triggers that one, exactly.

27th Jul 2002, 20:20
Just to be different, I chose to get into the Keep not by using the tunnel to the torture/jail chambers but by using crates to jump over the railing near the river on the side of town with the post office (from the inn's front door, head out and turn left to go through a tunnel, and then right to find the elevated walkway with railing). On the backside of the Keep you'll find a bridge. At one end of the bridge is a tunnel that goes to a locke door (that you cannot open); getting close to it checks off the objective (getting back to town doesn't do it).

27th Jul 2002, 20:35
I had already explored the transport beam thing to the upper level, what does that matter ? Is there something up there I missed ? I killed the dude standing looking at the water pool up there. Didn't realize the switch activated the beams. Hmmm....I don't have the objective to get into the master's private rooms either. I guess I don't remember this one much at all. I'll go back and wander around a bit. Losing interest fast though..... :)

27th Jul 2002, 20:37
There's a button you need to push, up above the fountain, in the room that you access by the transport beams. Sorry you're not enjoying it. This is one of my old favourites and I have fun with it every time. :)

edit: I just went and checked. You should have got the objective to get into the Master's rooms when you read the book behind the stairs. The one with the button under it. Didn't that work for you?

27th Jul 2002, 23:57
No. But I'll load an earlier save, and retry. I have nine saves on this mission. ;)

28th Jul 2002, 14:31
OK, I loaded an earlier save and replayed that section, I now have the objective to enter the private rooms. Where are they ? Is there a scroll that tells me ? Nothing opened in the immediate vicinity. A central door off the main circular hallway did open(at some point, not sure if the fountain switch did it....don't much care at this point) into an area with flowing lava, but my graphics suddenly went screwy there and I can't see anything except what I assum is lava flowing in illogical directions and some line(ledge) too far up to reach in the chamber. Am I supposed to get up there ? I read the plate in the floor but there appears to be no place to go. This is a mission that seems to be close to the end, then just keeps on keeping on for its own sake(Haha, another surprise for you, ignorant player!). But, its really just my fault for not "getting into" this one and getting immersed like I usually do.....I suppose. :(

28th Jul 2002, 14:59
The lava room is the place you need to go to get to the private rooms. The graphics can get a little weird in there, but they've never crashed my computer or anything. In the T2 version, you can get over to the central walkway two ways: You can rope arrow over or you can go outside to the garden and get a ladder. The second way is the easiest. When you have the ladder in your inventory, "use" it on the bar that lights up just past the plaque with the writing on it. The ladder clicks into place and you can climb it to the next platform, then repeat to get to the central one.

Not every mission "clicks" for every one. Maybe this one just isn't your cup of tea! :)

28th Jul 2002, 21:19
Finished. It's not as I remembered it, but who cares, at least I had fun for three days. Chalk it up to a drunk clayman. :rolleyes:

Good mission. It somehow conveys a sense of dread and anticipation, without the pre-requisite colors. And it insists on you waiting patiently for the end, rather than just cruising through, so it caught me unawares. It's in my "Best of 2000", definitely. But I won't replay it. ;) :)

29th Jul 2002, 00:28
Glad you made it through to the end. You might enjoy it more on a replay, now that you know where everything is. I've played it a number of times and it's on my all-time favourites list. The atmosphere is terrific. :)