View Full Version : How do I FIND and get acroos the river in 'Shoreleave?"

Keeper Collins
27th Jul 2002, 17:38
Well,I have been everywere,killed everyone(ecxecpt the Keeper disuised as a merchant)and stole every thing that I could get my greedy little hands on!:)And I must say so far this FM is pretty good.Not as good as Cristen's FM's but still pretty good!But I can't complete the level.First were is this taffin river and once I find it how do I get across it?I probably found it alreay but just did'nt know it because I radied everything in the FM.Now,there are too places in my mind of were it could be.One,is the wooden gate behind the Tiken Spoons restruant with the thief.Is it back there or is anything back there?Also,if the river is under the trap door the the scroll siad the sanke god was under in that undergruond temple how do I get there?

27th Jul 2002, 19:27
You need to either find all 4 skulls that are lying around, place them in the underground crypt of the Brotherhood of the Sword church and then pick up the rotted body part and figure out what to do with it OR you need to go to the Hammerite dock, out behind their warehouse and stowaway in the hidden cupboard. (There are actually two of them.) To do this you must first have the key and it is carried by a guard in the Temple of the Spring. :) Even after that you still have a couple of things to do before you actually finish the mission. :)