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27th Jul 2002, 05:59
I'm new, and I like how this community treats others, so I know many would be generous enough to read what I've written so far for a fanfic. If you are interested, e-mail me at this address:


I'll send an attachement of my Word document.
Thank you.

28th Jul 2002, 15:30
Hey there Richaswell :D nice to see you posting here! You might want to post some of your story here! I think people are a little cautious of folks offering them things through email attachments. But I can safely say that I’ve read some of Rich’s story and it’s great!

30th Jul 2002, 02:19
Here's a tidbit of my story that captures the basic storyline....

I ordered a goblet of lager and slipped into the chair opposite Jonas.
After clearing my throat abruptly, Jonas shook his head from the momentary depression he sunk himself into and looked at me. A slight crevice broke free from his lips. ?Hello, old friend, thank you for coming on such short notice.?
?You look like hell. What?s been on your mind, Jonas?? I?ve never been one for quaint pleasantries.
?A stiff-necked nobleman came into my office three weeks ago, his profession escapes me at the moment, they?re all arrogant taffers in any case. He spoke profoundly of Durant and practically fell into tears because he failed to see his latest painting in my gallery. I reminded him that ?A Summer?s Love Forever Gone? has only been released for public viewing in Durant?s private gallery. He pretended to know of this privileged information already. Which, of course, makes no sense for him to come to me if he knew only Durant?s gallery held the painting. The rich make me so nauseated sometimes.? Thyrnebeck took a stiff swig of his ale and slammed it hard on the table. My eyes traveled over the Pub, hoping the noise didn?t catch any unwanted attention. Everyone seemed to be too deep in their own thoughts to notice a disgruntled art dealer.
?Where was I?? The question caught me off guard as I looked back in Jonas? direction.
?The Durant painting.?
?Oh yeah, that?s right. So, anyways, this bloody taffer rambled on about it being his duty to own Durant?s latest installation and how a simple art dealer such as myself won?t taint his family?s honour. Unfortunately for me, their honour is powerful enough to shut down my business. As I recall, now that it comes back to me, he is a landowner. Of course, thanks to my lousy luck he has to own the land my office resides on. To further my luck, he has threatened to shut down my art dealership if I don?t get my hands on this painting by the end of the week.? He pounded his forefinger into the table three times to emphasize the urgency of the situation.
All the pertinent information was filtered through my mind as I calculated the overall difficulty, necessary supplies like keys and floor plans, security measures I?d be dealing with, and potential contacts. Figures and numbers tumbled about until a rough estimate was agreed upon.
?With a hit this secure, and the limited time given, it?s gonna have to be worth it. How much is coming my way??
?How does ten percent of nine hundred and fifty thousand sound??
Ninety-five thousand. I thought to myself. Much higher than I anticipated. Exhilaration pulsed through my body as I remembered what it felt like to be a thief again. For the first time in a good while I wasn?t being hired to take down a fanatic cult or blackmail ranking officials. Finally, back to the basics of what a thief is all about?stealing from the rich and giving to myself.
?I?ll do it.? Jonas? face lit up with delight as he slumped back into his chair, thanks to the weight just lifted off his shoulders.