View Full Version : Why can't I do polls?

lara croft#2
27th Jul 2002, 02:38
I'll try to vote in polls, but it keeps telling me I am unable to do it! What should I do? I have Webtv; I hope that's not the problem.:mad:

27th Jul 2002, 12:48
It (WebTV) might be the problem, depending on how it handles IP addresses. If you are using any browser that constantly changes your IP (such as AOL) then you can't vote in polls. You don't need to change providers, though, just use Netscape or Internet Explorer instead of the specialized browser you are using, if possible.

This problem has come up here before. Look up Grey Mouser (the person who posted the notices on the main Tomb Raider page) and he'll help you out. (He's an admin and knows how to help fix this problem.)