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26th Jul 2002, 19:17
wow, nice to see so many people playing ST. when i try online-game, im the only one in whole space :P

well, i just saw that theres a 3d-max plugin to load ssm model files. great, but the download link dosn't work. well, i found it on another site, but its for max 2.5

and im using max4, whicht can't load max 2.5 plugins. so, is there any plugin for max 4 (who is the author/ his web-page?) or even a stand-alone converer?

thx for any respond and sorry for my poor english,


27th Jul 2002, 17:26
I don't play online because I hate gamespy. It sucks!

Mucky Foot
4th Aug 2002, 11:00
Sorry, we only have the max 2.5 plug-in. However, I believe it's fairly simple to port to max 4, though you will need someone who knows how to write these plugins (which I don't).

Tom F - Muckyfoot coder.

Pinky the Cow
5th Aug 2002, 06:55
Anyways, consider yourself officially greeted from now on.

Welcome to StarTopia forum, sector Grey Pillar Pulsar.

5th Aug 2002, 11:29
We're not gonna have that whole thing about the names again, are we?