View Full Version : Awwww...finally I got it

26th Jul 2002, 17:29
Well, not yet but I ordered it. "Ordered what?" I hear you asking..

Thief 2 :D

for $4.99 :p :p

together with WarCraft III :p

ps: was looking for Thief2 in regular stores for enternity (with no luck obviously, until I found this online shop)

26th Jul 2002, 17:48
Ahhhhh a man with good taste I see. :D Bout time!! Glad you are getting T2. Better late than never. And you got it at an awesome price too! Good deal.
I'd like to hear your thoughts on the game, when you play. ;)
Have fun.

26th Jul 2002, 20:12
Geez...you give us the boomshell the forget to tell us where to go for shelter :D I've been tossing around the idea of W III but getting a second copy (and I hope the original game of T2) I'd be interested. :) Ta and Good Hunting!

26th Jul 2002, 20:16
What is the address of this on-line shop?

26th Jul 2002, 20:30
Hate to disappoint you guys but this is a dutch shop...actually it's just a store which is also selling online...(in the Netherlands)

And this version of Thief2 comes in jewelcase only (I think.) but that doesn't bother me. :D

http://www.pcmedia.nl (for the curious ones) :D
Thief2 (http://www.pcmedia.nl/cdrom/5980.htm)

26th Jul 2002, 20:54
Yea, it is disappointing...but thanks for the info and the site link :D Guess I'll have to figure out something else...Ta and Good Hunting!

27th Jul 2002, 15:29
Just got the e-mail that they don't have T2 in storage. :mad: :mad:

27th Jul 2002, 15:54
That's SUCH a good game...:( You MUST get it!! :) :D

Here's a link you might want to look at: http://search.store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/nsearch?catalog=dirtcheapsoftware&query=Thief&image.x=0&image.y=0&.autodone=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dirtcheapsoftware.com%2F

(I've never ordered from them, but a friend told me about it:))

27th Jul 2002, 16:30
Oh, it's so sad to read these threads... in Germany there's no problem to get Thief 1 or Thief 2... but that's only the german version. In Dezember Thief 1 was also on a CD of a Magazine. :eek:

27th Jul 2002, 19:04
xcom, maybe you could contact tBM. He may be able to help. Good luck. I hope you get T2. :)

27th Jul 2002, 20:22
although your not being in this country might be a drawback? He saw my post and I shall be getting one from him...for a nominal fee...he can help thee :) Ta and Good Hunting! :)

27th Jul 2002, 21:04
Originally posted by Huntress
although your not being in this country might be a drawback?

It might be...as I would have no idea how to pay him, except maybe sending cash by mail..

Anyway, I am not yet sure what's the deal with this store. They state in the their FAQ section that if a product is not available they will order it (with no extra expenses). However T2 being an old game, I dunno if they actually can order it??? This is what I must find out first. Gonna call them on monday.

28th Jul 2002, 14:43
Xcom? I cannot believe you haven’t T2 yet…shame on you :D I’m not sure which country the swamps are located but why don’t you try eBay? Here, I’ve done a search for Thief on the US site and here’s the results (http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&query=thief&categoryid=&ht=1&category4=11047&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&BasicSearch=) Quite a few! If your not from the US, eBay has many international sites...I've brought tons of stuff cheap from the UK site!

Ah, I guess you’re from the Netherlands....oh well I’ve just done a search on the Dutch site of eBay…no luck I’m afraid :(

28th Jul 2002, 14:51
Here you are Huntress, a search (http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&query=Warcraft+III+&ht=1&itemtimedisp=0&st=2&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&category3=15108&BasicSearch=) for Warcraft 3 on the US eBay site....taffing loads of em!!!

28th Jul 2002, 17:23
Originally posted by RiCh
Xcom? I cannot believe you haven?t T2 yet?shame on you :D I?m not sure which country the swamps are located but why don?t you try eBay?

I played the demo, does that count? :D
Seriously, I really don't have a good excuse for myself. Frankly, I don't even remember why I didn't buy it years ago.
As for purchasing from eBay...I dunno. I am kinda old fashioned "customer". If I buy something from american site, for example, whom am I gonna call if a product happens to be broken or something? It's far more easier for me to buy games in local stores.. Then, in such situation I can call them (travel there if necessary) and kick some butt..:D

28th Jul 2002, 19:43
to purchase it sometime...I'll just go down to Fry's Electronics as they are a large chain and have many goodies for purchase for computer/electronics and lots of games for all modes :) etc. or just one of my other game store sources for on-line. I just personally would rather not to do business with eBay...I'm sure in many ways some ppl have had good success with them (?) I just would rather go elsewhere .... but again thanks for your lead anyway :) Ta and Good Hunting!