View Full Version : Should shooting Propane Canisters really count as accident kills?

23rd Dec 2016, 00:30
Just saying.

23rd Dec 2016, 22:19

This method is total BS. I wish they would fix it. Drops propane tank (can use extinguer too), has 2 people see him (exclamation mark over their head and 1 person saying 47 dropped something), dropping a duck, running away and an explosion kills the target getting an easy SA rating. Crime Noticed should have occurred here as stealth was compromised but no punishment for that.

It's just too easy to get SA with this method and cheapens the integrity of the rating.

It should be that an accident kill with an FE\PT should be when they blow up in their ORIGINAL SPOT. Just like a car/motorbike/lawnmower/etc blow up in their original spot. It's too easy to bring an accident to the target and do this.

Hope this could be fixed for season 2. That video is just embarrassing to the integrity of SA.