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26th Jul 2002, 07:47
Where's the demo's and rolling demos!

C'mon core/eidos you should be knocking these out to us by now

I WANT A DEMO anyone else agree!

26th Jul 2002, 08:51
Traditionally the TR demos come out very near to the games release, if not after.
As the game is still 4 months away, I'd be very surprised to see anything in the next 3.

I'd like to, though.....

cowboy from hell
26th Jul 2002, 17:30
Core/Eidos have nevery been very quick about getting a demo out have they? Do you know what the sad part is? I have read on a couple of forums where people have actually claimed to have played a demo already. Anyone who has followed TR since the beginning know that Eidos has never released a demo until almost the release date. Believe me, this is not a complaint. I feel it has served to increase the quality of gaming I have come to expect. But I am on your side Shanedj, I want a demo and I want it now, lol:) . Who knows? Maybe we will all get the early surprise but don't hold your breath because 90 days or so could be a real long time:D

26th Jul 2002, 23:03
Well some people HAVE played it but they were at the place at the right time. I think it was at E3 they had a demo but they disabled most of the moves and there were no enemies.

27th Jul 2002, 00:51
E3 had a beta demo, Lara's hair was all over the place.

Lil Lara
27th Jul 2002, 01:35
Hmm.. I want a demo, too! That would be so cool! But if they just threw one out to us, it might be really crappy. So I guess we just might have to wait. I wonder why they would put out a demo AFTER the game is released... that's silly, or at least in my point of view.