View Full Version : AJ left Thornton

26th Jul 2002, 05:00
It's funny - just a couple months ago, I saw AJ on Regis & Kelly and she told them all the stuff about her and BBT having marital problems was just nasty rumors w/no cause or foundation.

Then my friend tells me AJ went public with the split a couple weeks ago (which I somehow missed) and today, I am at the store and find "US" magazine with an interview with AJ about just that. What AJ says in this article isn't very specific and sounds like reconciliation might even be possible - but doesn't sound likely. Not that it affects me, or is truly important or anything - but I am just surprised I guess.

Anyway, the article also mentions that TR sequel will start shooting in London in Sept. and that AJ is hoping to rent a house there while she & Maddox are there. I have to say, she seems like a very dedicated parent and I admire her decision to forgoe the nanny thing!

27th Jul 2002, 04:37
Sorry mods, I see there is already a thread about this topic - missed it when I went looking for it! :o