View Full Version : the cheat/bonus I want in SR3

26th Jul 2002, 03:43
What I'd really love in SR3 would be a cheat or reward allowing you to play through as pre-fallen winged Raziel. Just an appearance change mind you. Everyone I know (especially the girls) love pre-fallen Raziel, and with the official word that he won't return to that state plotwise, it'd be a great way of placating all those rabid VampRaz fans without spoiling the plot

In fact, you could let us play with BO1, 2 and SR 1 Kain appearance... or even play as Vorador (please, oh please) or even Mobius! Just graphic skins of course.

Oh and more DVD style extras would be cool, perhaps a whole seperate disc of them!

Drool.... Drool.... Droooool....

26th Jul 2002, 03:45
Yeah, what I really want is that seperate disc of extras for the entire series. That's all I need.

Please... Please... Please!!!

Umah Bloodomen
26th Jul 2002, 03:47
Pre-fallen Raziel has nothing on Kain. ***drool***

DVD features would be cool. Something along the lines of what they did with SR2 or a compilation of all the FMV's.

As for secrets and rewards, I don't really think they have a place in the SR series. I mean you get to play with the Soul Reaver blade and la de da da. What more is there? :p

Now if they would let you complete the game as another character that would be interesting. But I don't see that happening.

26th Jul 2002, 03:52
Yeah but would there be DVD pc games? I don't want to miss out on all the extra goodies again :rolleyes:

FMV's and cutscenes would be quite quite sweet, I sometimes just go to my saves for SR2 so I can see one cutscene.

26th Jul 2002, 05:11
I just hope there are many more abilities in the next game.

28th Jul 2002, 19:43
One hit kill reaver (should look like the Kain/Spunk reaver from SR1))and fly anywhere (R1 to go up like with those things you activate using the air reaver). Or even a secret area to aquire these that you can't get to until completing the game once. Or find all the extras like glyphs or optional cutscenes. Alternate ending.