View Full Version : Looking for Lara look-a-likes and villians in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

26th Jul 2002, 00:28
I have always had the idea of making a tomb raider fan made film using real people as actors. I got this idea from the fan made films for the Star Wars series and it just amazes me that they were good enough to have their own awards show on TV! I don't know if this will go that far but how many people would like to help out???

I have access to a video camera and Adobe Premiere so the only thing I am missing are the actors, script, locations. I was thinking for the first movie to make something short and sweet just to see how things turn out, but after that who knows!!!!:D

I would also like to create a brand new website for it!

What do you guys think???

Please send me a private message if you are interested.

Kurtis Trent
26th Jul 2002, 03:26
sounds cool, but I live in Wisconsin. I could be Kurtis if I lived down there!!!

26th Jul 2002, 12:23
What part of Cincinnati are you from Trinity?

That sounds like it could be a fun. Maybe I could help out shooting/editing the thing if it comes to pass. I took a number of video production classes in college. Still love to do it as a hobby every now and again.

26th Jul 2002, 15:30
I'm from Wisconsin also, so I don't think I'd be able to do it. (it looks like you'll have to come up here to file :D )

I could help with the script, but I'd need to know what parts the Actors/Actresses are.

26th Jul 2002, 16:06
i got cuzins in ohio...ill take a road trip down and b ure lara ;):p

26th Jul 2002, 18:17
@Kurtis Trent:
Do you really look like Kurtis? :eek:
It would be nice to see a picture from you. :)

29th Jul 2002, 01:07
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the responses.

yesrushdt - I live in the Norwood area. Where do live? I would love some help with the editing/filming. Do you happen to know where there might be a waterfall around? I know there are some caves around Hillsboro that would be great to film in!

TombRaiderChik - are you serious about that? How long would you be able to stay?

MountainDewNut - I would love some help with the script.

I'm getting excited about this! I will be in touch!

THE True Lara
29th Jul 2002, 17:40
Doh! I'm an Atlantic ocean too far away to join in! :(

29th Jul 2002, 17:50
Originally posted by Trinity34

TombRaiderChik - are you serious about that? How long would you be able to stay?

id sooo loove to but i dont think id get that approved by the parents...:(:( im sry to burst ure bubble kiddo :(:(

Lady in Black
2nd Aug 2002, 21:25
I'm from South Dakota. I would like to help. But, I don't know how yet. For the waterfall idea, you would probley want to go to Niagra Falls. The only closest falls I could think of. If you want beautiful scenery like hills or mountains. Come over here and visit the Black Hills. You probley could even have a scene near Mt. Rushmore. Even the needles! The needles is an interesting place. Well, if you found a perfect job for me, I'll be in touch. :)

3rd Aug 2002, 02:32
Originally posted by Trinity34

yesrushdt - I live in the Norwood area. Where do live? I would love some help with the editing/filming. Do you happen to know where there might be a waterfall around? I know there are some caves around Hillsboro that would be great to film in!

I live in the Norwood area as well. Talk about a small world lol. :)

I can't think of where there would be a waterfall in the area right now. I'll get back to you if any come to mind.

You have anyone to play Lara yet?

3rd Aug 2002, 13:37
I technically can look like Lara. Considering I have very long hair, and similar facial features. However, I'm haha, I'm in Italy. You can always come to Italy to film Chronicles you know. *wiggles her eyebrows* I'm sometimes in Egypt, too. Now THAT'd REALLY work, don't you think? *grins* Austria is good for forests, too. *hums*

3rd Aug 2002, 19:07
Do you have a scriptwriter? I could write you a script! I was doing the script for the computerised fan-made film, but the person in charge would never reply to my emails! lol

8th Aug 2002, 02:32
Trinity- I did a little research online. There are parks north (Columbus area) of Cincinnati and in N. Kentucky that have some decent sized waterfalls. Drop me an e-mail and I can give you a link to some pics. There could be a closer location but I haven't found it yet. :D

8th Aug 2002, 15:22
Hi yesrushdt,

I also did some searching online but while I was doing this I thought, "Is there going to be any water in those waterfalls?" With the hot dry weather I don't even know if a waterfall is a good idea for right now. Maybe in the fall.

I also had an idea about using a cave as a location but I looked into the Seven Caves location in Hillsboro but they charge $10 a person to get in. They might be willing to forgo the admission for a plug on a website but not to worry I looked at some local parks and there is Clifton Gorge up near Dayton and then Hocking Hills state park has waterfalls and caves also. I don't think a location is going to be the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is finding people to be in the movie!

Does anyone want to be Lara??????

8th Aug 2002, 16:40
See if you would have told me last weekend while me, Beachy, TDC and Suny were there at King's Island, we could have helped you out :D

8th Aug 2002, 17:09
Hocking Hills was one of the parks I saw online.


I'll have to look up some info on Clifton Gorge. That would definitley be more convenient for the two of us.

Fall does sound like a better time to shoot. Maybe by the end of next month or October. I could possibly be Kurtis or one of "da bad guys". Getting more and more interested in this as I type. :p



Les Effant Terrible
8th Aug 2002, 17:49
Okay, sorry, but you guys have... how should I say... No lives whatsoever. Sorry, but seriously guys. You are Kurtis and Lara... hm... Lara is not real. Sure, I like this site and stuff, but here's the thing you were watching a STAR WARS fan film. Those guys are super freaks! I saw one on TV that was talking about the first time he saw star wars and he started crying and dreamed that he was a Jdei... (the guy was forty years old) and he was married with a twenty year old son! That's... weird. Yeah, anyway, sorry to rain on your parade. Love you lots bu-bye!

8th Aug 2002, 20:53
I've had dreams where I've gotten like shot, hit with weird lazer things and mauled by panthers and wolves and bears even in my own house and when I wake up it still hurts. I've also had dreams where it's funny and I wake up laughing. . And I've had dreams that come true. Like I had a dream there were bugs in my bed and a couple days later I woke up with a potato bug crawling up my arm. I seriously think that everybody has a sixth sence to a point in the ubconcious, but others are able to harness it better than others. I constantly have deja vous and have dreams that happen. I think it's all just the matter of the type of person. But oh well.

Talk about someone without a life. LMAO.

This is the ONLY thing I've ever thought about doing outside of playing the game. I don't think about Lara while rock climbing or do any of the other crazy things you've posted on this forum.

This thread is about people who are interested in making a TR fan film. You obviously aren't one of them so "buh-bye"

By the way, why don't you learn how to spell before I become "ubconcious".

9th Aug 2002, 17:13
Les Effant Terrible - You are missing the whole point of what this is about. It is about being creative. To express themselves some people draw, some people write, some people create music, and some people make movies. I had so much fun making the TR ride videos that I wanted to try filming something else and I think this would be the first fan made Lara Croft movie. (As far as I know). I also think it would be great to have a fan movie website. :)

UPDATE: I have someone to play Lara!!!! YAY! everything is go!

Kurtis Trent
9th Aug 2002, 18:08
Who's playin Lara Trinity34? somebody on the forums? Hope it all works out. Contact me if you need help with the script.

Les Effant Terrible
9th Aug 2002, 18:17
Hey, yeshrudt or whatever the hell your name is. What do my dreams have to do with not having a life? Sorry, if my dreams are little weird, but that doesn't mean anything now does it? Yeah, of course you must be the dream expert and my dreams must specifically say that I don't get out much. Not. Seriously, back off.
And I never specifically said that I thought of Lara when I was rock climbing, I was just relating to the topic.

Yeah, Trinity, I understand the whole making movies thing, I do it with my friends all the time. But people from across the country to film a movie in your backyard seems a little too overboard. And that would only really possibly happen if all those people were over the age of 18 and could travel there. And if all you guys are over the age of eighteen, lets do a reality check, kay? You should be something more productive in your lives. If your under the age of eighteen and don't have a job or anything and can travel there, be my guest and make the greatest film in the history of back yard v-game spifs. I'm just saying that it's just a little too STAR WARS fan-ish.

It's just my opinion.

10th Aug 2002, 00:08
Originally posted by Les Effant Terrible
When I rock climb I think of Lara. I'm glad I don't fall off of the rocks and break my neck though!

Yes you did SPECIFICALLY say that.

Everyone is free to their opinion on here. That being said however, you should show some tact when giving yours. There is no need to harass people on this forum and jump to conclusions on someone you know very little about.

Lady in Black
13th Aug 2002, 17:13
I could probley play as Lara. I'm 5' 7 1/2'' last time I checked. I'm thin as Lara. I have brown eyes and hair. I don't have thick lips like Lara, hopefully that's not a problem. I used to have long hair as Lara's. But, hey there are wigs. Maybe the length doesn't matter anyway. But, I will have to enhance the size of my breasts. Otherwise on my looks I could play as Lara. I'm not afraid to do risky stuff like she does. By the way, in South Dakota there are alot of caves here. Even some are free to visit. Still I don't have any ideas about the waterfall part. Anyways I think we should wait until the script is finished before we start planning where to visit. :)

Les Effant Terrible
13th Aug 2002, 23:41
Alrigh, Yesrushdt, I admit I was wrong about that rock climbging thing...


There is no need to harass people on this forum and jump to conclusions on someone you know very little about.
but you also said:

Talk about someone without a life. LMAO.
Because I posted something about dreams.

You're a good example of a hypocrite. You don't know crap about me. I don't know crap about you. I was just saying it sounds pretty impossible and unpractical to me to get people from all over the united states to make a movie in your back yard. Trinity, I"m not trying to be an ***, I'm just saying that it's a little over the top. Sorry, if that bugs you, Yesrushdt. But it's the truth.

How do you know that half of these people aren't big fat hair old men? Or hookers or some thirty year old nerd without a job or a licence or anything?

Just curious, what type of camera are you going to use?

14th Aug 2002, 08:57
there's an old subway tunnel running under the zumbiel packaging building in norwood.

14th Aug 2002, 12:13
That would be an awesome place to shoot (depending about how much light we had of course).

14th Aug 2002, 14:36
Although I would be willing to write you a script, i think it would be less "sad" if it was done using CGI graphics... maybe you could try that?

Lady in Black
21st Aug 2002, 00:21
Really the truth is that I would love to play as Lara. (Just to let you know that I can speak with a British accent.) But, since I live so far from where you are. How can we work this out? I have some reletives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I don't know if you know where Fort Wayne is but it would'nt be hard to find on a Atlas. Just let you know that it would be a dream come true for me to be able to play as Lara. I could even look like her with a little work. Lately I've been scamming through the internet trying to find items that I could use for the movie. I've been hiking around these hills (even though they look more like mountains) climbing on rocks and stuff to get into shape a bit. I'll just let you think for the moment about letting me to play as Lara. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer. I know you're probley busy writing the script. But, if you need a Lara I'll be happy to do it. I won't even mind to play as a enemy.(In the sense to play as the main enemy.) Well, I'll leave you now.