View Full Version : 2 questions about "Errand Boy"

Keeper Collins
25th Jul 2002, 23:55
I'm playing the Theif 2 version of Errand boy because I already played Dockland for Theif Gold.There are 2 questions.One,I can tell there is a secrt door in the storge room of the inn.I tried the swithch under the cuonter but that only openede a trap door to the wine ceallar.So,how do I open this other door?The second question is about a chest i can't open.In the hammer\mech biulding in the barracks there is a back room with one bed a chest and a table.I can't open the wooden chest with lock pics so were is the key to it?

26th Jul 2002, 01:20
In the Inn, flip the lever under the counter to open the hatch down to the wine cellar, then go down and look for a lever up under the wine barrels.

The chest in the barracks belongs to the guard standing in the courtyard, outside the front doors of the bank. He is wearing the key for the chest. :)