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25th Jul 2002, 21:04
The wraith blade is the tenuous connection which identifies Raziels' destiny to the Blood Reaver, and sustaines that identity thoughout the peiod of his self discovery, and ultimately after his inexorable fate. The part that is unexplained as yet is, what serries of events causes Ras to loose this integeral link to the ether blade, up untill Kain frees it from its phyical twin, to once again become Raziels' destiny? Ideas anyone?

25th Jul 2002, 21:42
Raziel never lost his link with the Reaver, until Kain broke the physical Reaver on him the wraith blade/Raziel was contained within. It's a temporal loop of sorts, Raziel got sucked into the Reaver in the past


if Kain hadn't been there at the end to pull the Reaver out of Raziel he would've been sucked in. And if that had happened the events of SR would be the same, now that Raziel hasn't got sucked in things have changed radically.

26th Jul 2002, 14:03
I think Bloodspawn ment, that because Raziel will be sucked into the blood reaver making it into the soul reaver. Then will the wraith also get sucked into the blood reaver? Or will it get left behind in the spectral realm where Raziel found it? And if this happens what will happen to Raziel's wraith blade?


26th Jul 2002, 14:49
The wraith blade has and always been Raziel's soul twined with him..... so it too would be sucked into the reaver since they are now inseparably joined

Lozza Mate
27th Jul 2002, 07:02
The wraith blade detached itself from Raziel in order to suck him into the blade

27th Jul 2002, 14:19
The Wraith Blade is what is left behind when the physical form of the Soul Reaver is shattered. Presumably, it is a changed form of Raziel's soul. If it was reabsorbed into the Reaver when Raziel dies (or should die) at the end of SR2, the Soul Reaver would contain an infinite number of copies of the Wraith Blade, as the cycle would keep repeating over and over again. Since this has presumably not happened, I suspect the Wraith Blade separates from Raziel at the end of SR2. It probably wouldn't just remain in the Spectral realm for someone else to pick it up, though. The Wraith Blade was awakened when Raziel found the broken Soul Reaver in the tomb of king William the Just. This means that the Wraith Blade is now a living, sentient entity, and not just a weapon. I suspect it would be released and would escape at the end of SR2.

Unless... This is a scary thought. If it did remain in the spectral realm, the ghost that was once the inquisitor Raziel would be able to pick it up. That guy was nasty enough with a normal sword, what would he be like with the Wraith Blade?

Or, possibly, the unleashed Wraith Blade would consume the soul of the Sarafan Inquisitor. But then Raziel could never have been reborn as a child of Kain, as his soul would be lost.

This is confusing....

27th Jul 2002, 17:52
I have to go with Anubis... about the only thing that makes any sense is for the wraith blade to enter the Reaver with Raziel's soul; they are "inextricaby bound." Either that or, if it is released, I can't see it would just be floating around; it would maybe disperse or something... But since Raziel survived, the point is largely moot...

27th Jul 2002, 18:10
yep! me also go with Anubis!

29th Jul 2002, 07:49
Hm...after reading all these replied answers, it has answered a lot of questions I have with SR2. Supposively, Raziel was to be sucked into the Reaver at the end of his journey in SR2 therefore providing the hidden identity trap in the Reaver. Kain changed the history and history reshuffle itself. As the result ended that time continuening with the entrapment. Before, I was disappointed with how short the game play is, but was aroused more by the plot line and the voice talent. Anyway, I thought Raziel would be stucked in the spectral realm forever therefore ending the whole series. Luckily, reading these spoil plots has cleared up that misunderstanding. I finally understand that Raziel isnt gone forever at the end of SR2...