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25th Jul 2002, 17:47
So, I want the Scouting Orb look like a skull. I've been thinking now that it might be nice if the skull looks different than the ordinary debris, and I've been looking into the particles as a start.

Well. I linked it with a particle attachment to a fireplace orange, and it's already looking relatively nice (needs to be improved though for sure)

A problem is now that when I grab the skull, the fireplace orange will just stay there and look quite dull, to be honest.

I've looked into the Wispbodies and Hammerspellhands, as they move with the objects they're attached to, but I can't figure it out yet.

Can you tell me if there any object that Garrett can pick up and carry around, and when he drops it, it will still have the particles attached? All I can recall is the vampyre dagger in CL, mission #2, but I kinda hesitate to open this huge mission on my system at all. (and the dagger can't be dropped, anyway).

Or the particles should just disappear when the skull is grabbed... hmm...

25th Jul 2002, 18:02
Aaaaah... a Haunt Smoke seems to do what I want. :D

25th Jul 2002, 18:27
So the question remains, what is it about the haunt smoke that works when the orange glow did not?

25th Jul 2002, 19:05
True. It might be the data of the Particle attachment link that made a difference, I just used the defaults instead of messing around with the link data. But the Haunt smoke is really just what I was looking for. :D

It even does not leave that cloud of smoke floating around the player object when it is put into the inventory (the problem of the light of the Holy Sword of St. Edgar; same with the smoke of the Vampyre Blade). Very sweet.

The Haunt smoke has "object" as data.

The Fireplace orange had this vhot, #3 as data.

I had set both to "trail object" in the properties of the particle, so that can't have been any difference.

And... err. The Haunt smoke appear only as a tiny little dot in the dromed, the Fireplace orange was one of these relatively huge objects. So, there's even yet another difference between the two particles.

25th Jul 2002, 21:12
Lytha, you should be able to use an object link on the fireplace orange and it should work just like the smoke (SHOULD).

If that's kindof what you want try a torch orange or yellow, whatever it is.

Lytha, I sent you a private message!

25th Jul 2002, 22:51
The fireplace orange was what first came into my mind when the Hauntsmoke looked so oddly in the editor (I'm lazy with the Alt+G at the moment). It was basically a test, just like painting the remote3.gif in a disgusting red in my graphic program, just to watch the dark engine crash. ;) Just to see if this works at all.

I guess the problem was the data of the link then. This "vhot, #3" looked so convincing though with being the default for the fireplace orange, and all that. ;)

No, it's really the hauntsmoke that I was looking for. It only needs to be modified a little bit now.

Just look at the cutie, how nice he looks like with the smoke and all (and look at the disgusting turquoise health shield thingies) :p


schwaa, I replied to your message. :)

26th Jul 2002, 01:07
That looks cool, tag, you're it...