View Full Version : For anyone that likes the sega saturn game NiGHTS into dreams.

25th Jul 2002, 15:58
Click the link below to enter a big NiGHTs into dreams forum. Its brand new and has alot of features.

Here is the feature list:

Place smilies in you post to show you expressions.

Create a free account to post in the NiGHTS topics.

Place images in your posts.

Place Polls in you posts.

And it has tones of NiGHTS topics for you to choose from.

The link is below


26th Jul 2002, 04:50
The NiGHTS into dreams forum Forums will be deleted soon. I just want to tell you the forum has been moved to another place do to problems. Sorry if you just made a account, you will need to go to the other forum and make a new account. Don't worry though, the accounts are free. My Forum will be linked in my web page. The link to my web page is http://www.geocities.com/snickrep02/NiGHTSpage.html.

To access my now forum, please make a new account and go to the link below


thank you for your time and I hope you change forums and please e-mail me at snickrep2002@aol.com if you have any comments or questions.