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25th Jul 2002, 09:25

For those who have not yet completed Chronicles. leave this thread NOW!!!!

As to everyone else....how many of you shot the unarmed scientist in Von Croy's labs in order to get all the secrets?
And how many of you can still say she isn't a murderer after killing an innocent in cold blood this way?
And how many of you deliberately avoided killing him, missing out on a secret because you think Lara is too good for that kinda thing?

25th Jul 2002, 10:11
Yes, Yes. I whipped out the HK and splattered him all over the console, just to collect the bloody rose *hang's head in shame,but peek's up with an evil grin*....Actually i played it both way's just for kick's. But in the end , I went for the secret.:( :D

25th Jul 2002, 10:26
The first time I didn't (I wasn't looking for roses). I didn't even know that if I killed him I would be able to get the rose...
When I played TRC again to collect the secrets, I had no other choice :p

John Carter
25th Jul 2002, 11:54
Yes, Dave, I caused Lara to murder that scientist in cold blood, just so I could score a perfect rose score and glimpse the "bonus TR 6" material at the end.......

Furthermore, I remember Lara shooting that helicopter pilot in cold blood with a smile on her face in TR3, in an FMV, and there wasn't anything the player could do to affect that outcome, no moral choice to made, was made for her....SHE did it!

Do these things make ME a murderer? No, it's a game. I don't go around IRL telepathically forcing others to kill scientists for roses or other goodies, nor do I do it myself.

Does this make LARA a murderer? Well gee, the one helicopter pilot does, I guess. The scientist, not if you don't play her that way. The other 1,024 (nope, that's not an actual statistic, folks) people she shoots, well, a good lawyer could argue self-defense in every case.

Then again, I really don't like cold-blooded murderers, so no, I choose for this not to make Lara a murderer. I can suspend my disbelief in this game in a fashion impossible in say, Grand Theft Auto III or Carmageddon, games devoted to the wholesale slaughter of unoffending virtual human beings.

Some players (one in particular you know yourself) imagine Lara is shooting tranquilizer darts at the animals rather than killing them, so why not the same with those morally ambivalent or outright reprehensible human shootings?

So darn. That Lara might very well be a "psycho with a gun", but I like her anyway, unlike an actual psycho with a gun, because it's a game and not real, and I personally know the difference. ;)

25th Jul 2002, 12:32
Good ol' John...always calls a spade a you-know-what...

Thanks for reminding me about the helicopter pilot.

25th Jul 2002, 17:10
Well you know what I voted for Dave......:D

Yes....lara did kill the chopper pilot....with a "grin" on her face

And she killed native's in the jungle....(tr3)..after invading they're village.......

You all know that famous poem , eh?

Lara Croft took an axe...and gave her Butler forty wacks...
And when she saw what she had done..she shot her pilot with her gun...

Sorry....i just had to say that:D

26th Jul 2002, 02:27
You always find out LATER the results of your actions and their consequences.
The first time through Chronicles, you really have no choice but to kill him.
He may drop a key or a swipe card you need to advance or he might run and trigger an alarm summoning
armed guards. It's a risk you have to take.
Sure, we know NOW that it's only a secret you gain.
I guarentee anybody who's ever played TR has killed a monk at Barkhang.
Then you figure out that leaving them alone makes them your allies.

26th Jul 2002, 04:29
Yes, and what about those d@mn monkies !!! Shoot, or follow ???

26th Jul 2002, 09:07
Originally posted by DEEKMAN

I guarentee anybody who's ever played TR has killed a monk at Barkhang.

Actually I never did! I always wait to see if they shoot or attack first, be they people or animals. So I always got pally with the monks.

I personally only shot the guy in TRC when I found out that that was where the missing secret was!

26th Jul 2002, 09:24
You mean if you don't shoot the monks they are your allies? :eek:
No wonder I always ended the barkhang monastery with over 50 (?) kills and without a single, bloody medipack :o

Joanne Croft
26th Jul 2002, 09:37
Oh, Dave I swear I didnt know this guy was a scientist !!! Poor guy, now he wont be able to make anymore scientist experiments :D :D

26th Jul 2002, 11:57
I shot him, coz it was the only way to get a secret there ! ;)

And if u don't kill'em, Lara (in the cutscene) will break his head so I made it easy on him... ;) :cool:

And also I wanna ask who killed the Gunmen in Crashsite (TR3), and the Prisoners in Naveda ?

26th Jul 2002, 12:22
Originally posted by eTux
You mean if you don't shoot the monks they are your allies?

Not only that, but they will help dispose of the real thugs. You can join into the fray and help 'em out (being careful not to wing 'em) or just watch them take out the baddies on their own. They don't always triumph, though, I might add, so ya gotta be ready.

26th Jul 2002, 16:44
Yes I shot him to get the secret.

Lil Lara
27th Jul 2002, 00:27
Hmm.. I don't remember a scientist. I've played that last VCI section at least 2 times.. but I don't remember seeing a scientist.. could someone refresh my memory?

27th Jul 2002, 01:42
I shot him to get the secret but I didn't know he was a scientist at first.