View Full Version : Fav TR Trilogy Game and Why

25th Jul 2002, 05:49
What's everyone's fav game out of the first 3 TRs, and give a reason why?

25th Jul 2002, 14:45
TR3!!! because bascially i enjoyed it alot more then TR and slightly more then TR2 it has loads of variety in it in terms of the locations, vechiles, puzzles and traps, outfits etc and i love it :D

25th Jul 2002, 15:29
Same here. I love TR3!:D

25th Jul 2002, 16:48
yeah i think the reason i like Tr3 out of those is because it has many things and its the step towards the new games of tomb raider one of the most interesting games to me at the time :p

25th Jul 2002, 20:02
I would have to say "Tomb Raider II Adventures with Lara Croft" ,cause it was the first game I was introduced to. It was hard to me because I was 8 years old I'm now 13 years old thank you very much. :D

25th Jul 2002, 20:16
lol I know wut u mean. I played TR 1 for the 1st time when I was younger and I thought it was so hard to figure out. Now I'm older and rock at the games.

Chris-Craig Michaels
26th Jul 2002, 03:41
I am not the only one, I guess, who had number 3 as their first game. The atmosphere, I think, was the greatest of any of the games so far, along with TR Chronicles. The south-pacific and India were so cool! I can practically feel the hot rain in the Jungle and the mist of the waterfall temples and rapids. Ahh! I think I hear the T. Rex! Gotta go!;)

26th Jul 2002, 04:41
TR2 - I guess this is my favorite of the first three because it was the first one I played, but I love the puzzles, the locations and it has the best training level of the 3 (although the quad-bike track was fun).

BTW - TR1 would be my 2nd pick of the three because it concentrated on the core idea of TR which is the Tombs! Maybe I am just old, or too picky, or whatever, but 3 is a little too violent for my taste and I miss the tombs. I still haven't finished playing this game (and my friend bought it right when it came out and we have been playing it all this time - she hasn't finished it either) and I realize that I just don't enjoy playing it as much and am, therefore, not very motivated to play it.

Lil Lara
27th Jul 2002, 22:16
I'd have to say TR2.. even though it was a hard desicion between number 2 and 3. TR2 was the first one I played and I absolutely love it..the locations..the weapons..everything. TR3 rocks as well.